Dark Bodhisattva

What is that state?
Someone told me im moving into/going to become that. For a while at least. Has anyone experienced this?
EA koetting talks about that in his mastering Soul Travel Course so that is coming back to mind.
Also my one of my Mentors, Master Suhnam, mentioned “Liberation” last time i evoked him…
So im piecing together the “Whats next” for me…

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Bodhisattva’s are just bodhisattva’s, there are different ways to express it but the core of it will always be the same at the ultimate level.

However “dark” may indicate that its the type that’s more tantric, think the aghori’s.

And yes I know the aghori’s are Hindu but the principle remains the same, all things are inherently pure in their essence because all things are empty.