Dark Banishing

We don’t see many threads here for banishing using demonic or other dark entities, so taking a suggestion from @Woodsman81 I am creating a thread for people to share their rituals involving banishing with dark entities.



I have only done this once with the help of Ogun during possession in Utah. As I held a machete fueled with the dark power of Ogun on the mountain top, he possessed and my astral senses were sky high. I summoned demons that have attached themselves or followed me from my entire life to the mountain top, and lines of which direction to strike were shown in my actual vision and that is where my blade went. After that, I felt very pure.


@Rcs4215 That actually seems connected to my other post about Spirit Sword work. Quite interesting really how such coincidences happen.


So here is one that I use and wanted to share. It is not dark, par se, but it is LHP focused.

Calm your body and mind, relax your breathing. Feel the creative fire inside you spreading to all extremities.
Feel and see that same creative fire lighting up everything around you; the room, the objects in it, the air. It is alive with that force. Understand that that force comes from you, just as much as you are a part of it, and your will directs that creative force, because you are the focus of creation right now. Feel your will to clear the area of all entities, energies, etc, and feel as well as see that will pervade existence as an extension of you.

This can be enough, but I like a bit of vibration in my work. When I send out my will I like to “activate” with a very low “ohhhhhhhh” vibration, while seeing the surrounding area explode with the sound, knowing that every corner of existence has been permeated with this effect.

Anyway, this works for me quite well. If any of you have a go let me know how it turns out for you.

@Uncle-Al I have seen you mention a banishing that uses vowel sounds. Would you like to share with us? I am curious to see how others are using vibration and sound.


Trace pentagrams in the four directions. With each pentagram the appropriate sounds.

East: Ay
South: Ee
West: I
North: Oh

And draw in the light with: U (You).

This works and is handy as a stand by with short time.



I actually recently began using Bija Mantras into my rituals, spells, and so forth. Wow. Big difference in energy and the vibrations start to grow after 10 minutes. I love it.

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Yeah it really adds a dimension to the work many over look. If you are interested in the sonic aspect of occultism I recommend this book: https://www.amazon.com/Principles-Sonic-Occultism-Sound-Magic/dp/1522923446

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Yep this one is a good one!

BTW I love your user name “Uncle_Al”. He certainly did and wrote some awesome workings in his lifetime didn’t he.

I know an old lady in the UK who’s sister helped to look after Uncle Al and clean his room before he died. The lady I know actually met him in his last year before he died.

Even though he was old & was obviously dying at that time he was still quite the flirt apparently. Lol

Just thought you might be interested to know that fact.