Dante Abiels New Web Page Company

Im trying to find Dante Abiels new web site company.Id like to buy his new book about possesion.

Id Choose and trust Mr Koetting Over anyone else any day.i was a fan of Dantes First book Necromantic sorcery.so i was just simply asking if anyone knows any thing about it.I Belive Balg is the most trust worthy company.i dont know what kinds of problems happened between balg and Dante.but i suppourt balgs decisions in these situations to protect customers

As far as I know he’s gone back to using his real name, Andrew Pike - if you google that name + “dante abiel” you can find his facebook page that way.

i understand the use of Mystical,occultish nom de plumes, I firstnoticed them when i was 14 studying joe smiths ‘writings’ and all the names he had, vs the names he gave other people; it gave a huge insight to the mechanics in his head[as well as the wrenches in his followers heads]
I don’t disrespect the concept- for some people it is functionally accelerative, enobling, and empowering, for others, it proves they know they are nothings, wanting desperately to be somethings- and will be the thing they want to be.
I actually love EA’s initials, and they are real!