Dante Abiel: The Demonic Details Of Necromancy

This month’s penetrating interview featuring master necromancer, Dante Abiel, is absolutely deadly! Watch and learn as our dear friend guides you through the fascinating fundamentals and demonic details of literally raising the dead from their graves.

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This spooky discussion will be deeply unnerving for anyone who has not completely embraced and reconciled the darkest side of their magickal personality.

E.A. and Dante reveal secrets like:

  • The true definition of necromancy, and the real, trustworthy benefits of performing this evil art

  • An in-depth explanation of how the various aspects of the human soul work, why necromancy is even possible, and how to capitalize on this terrifying, forbidden power

  • How to actually summon a deceased spirit from the dead

  • The most up-to-date theories and perspectives on the efficacy and practicality of genuine corpse reanimation - whether it’s wiser to acquire bones and fleshly body parts on your own, or to use medical supply companies - and what you can get the re-enlivened bodies to do, once revivified

  • The psychology of madness and insanity - the necessity to “normalize” your psychopathy in order to maintain a semblance of “humanity” while undergoing the black transformation you’ll experience as a necromancer

I am guaranteeing that you will want to pinch yourself during this interview. You will ask, “Am I seriously listening to a guy teach me how to acquire dead bodies, dismember specific parts, and reanimate them inside my magickal temple?”

This discussion will challenge your personal ethics and make you look at yourself in the mirror, and ask the fundamental question ALL sorcerers and sorceresses must ask…

How far am I willing to go in order to Become A Living God?

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On a closing note, I can’t fucking wait for the “Necromancy: Resurrecting The Dead” program we’re releasing in the future. I am totally convinced it will publicize black magick that has NEVER been revealed to date!!

(Disclaimer: all information in the interview is entertainment. Always obey the national, local, and property laws of your country. None of the information is medical or psychiatric advice.)

Really great interview!

That interview was unreal!

I love the attitude these guys have toward magick. Despite their seemingly inexhaustive knowledge, these masters still admit that they don’t have all the answers and that there is always more to learn and discover.

(Note to self: Tell my family that when I die, destroy my skull, spine, femurs, hands and eye lids :P)

I cannot wait, I am watching this tonight! :smiley:

You know, to be honest with you, even as Dante and I were talking, I was amazed at how far out the conversation went. I actually had several questions about necromancy that I wanted to ask Dante, because he’s delved into that particular practice with WAY more fervor than I. I called him up one day, we started talking, and I said “Wait a minute… this is way too intense of a conversation for just us to have privately. Let’s go on skype, record it, and let the members of Become A Living God in on this!!!”

Dante has definitely gone into the darkness, deeper than most dare, and has no qualms about sharing the insights that he gained!

Ok, after reading all the posts here, I really just have one question (considering on the program page, there’s the Necromancy part and all): if this is even being talked about yet, how in depth will the program be going? Giving basic, mid and some advanced and saying “go from there” or…how to put this…I guess, as far as Dante has delved? I’d personally prefer the latter. If this hasn’t been discussed, at least on the depth and information in the program, I’d love for the latter mentioned be considered.

Just a thought since the Necromancy is the most anticipated program for me.

Hey bro. Just wondering if I missed videos for November and December some how? I saw the Dante video on necromancy but nothing else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[quote=“Jakob420, post:7, topic:548”]Hey bro. Just wondering if I missed videos for November and December some how? I saw the Dante video on necromancy but nothing else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

They should be able to hook you up with a link to buy any of the interviews.


The interview was: Insights of a master magician…

Hey all,

I just saw this post and want to thank you for your polite words. Within the last year I have seen things that I have never seen in my whole career. E.A. has been an excellent Door Keeper, but once I was inside… … a whole new me appeared, and the Fucker stayed!!!

Dante Abiel

I can’t wait to see what the book covers. From what I’ve read about it so far it seems like a lot of it has already been covered in S. Connelly’s work. It’s going to be interesting to see how your new book compares to her work and if it really stands on it’s own with out mixing and matching already known beliefs. I hope this book isn’t a beginners guide to necromancy and is better then the Keys of Ocat. If this truly pushes the envelope further then it must be a diabolical work of art touching basis on things that Connelly herself would consider forbidden.