Dante Abiel Left BALG?

I saw on FB that Dante has decided to leave BALG and has changed his name as well.

Sooo…good luck Dante.

K… Was there any reason explained?

what? He even changed his name?

Look for yourself.


He says he left but doesn’t explain why.

Weird, but i gotta say that i never really have trusted dante’s stuff anyways… He just popped out of nowhere, and seemed not-legit to me. I don’t know about you guys then…

If you read between the lines he kind of does. At the end of the day I think Dante needs to be on his own, he was too deep in E.A. and Balg’s way of doing things in my opinion, from how he wrote to that terrible video. Hopefully he’ll find his own way because I do believe he’s legit at the end of the day, just a little lost as to how to present it and himself (stability issues).

Yeah well tbh, to that cemetary ritual video is the main reason i don’t trust that guy… And i’m also sad that E.A was filming that too. As it obviously was not real in any way…

Well if you can’t trust Dante why did you feel you could trust BALG who hired him and promoted him?

I’ve heard good stuff about his ritual work before he joined BALG and know a few folks who bought ritual items and rituals and were quite pleased. I doubt he’s a fraud as a magician.

I didn’t know EA filmed the graveyard scene, where did you see that? I still chuckle when I think of that video.

I have to check more detail about that later, now i’m preparing to a heavymetal meeting (by drinking beer) but… I remember hearing EA’s voice in that video.

And i kinda trust and don’t trust at the same time, i mean some stuff can be legit even if 100% wasn’t.

Well i haven’t bought anything from him, so i cant say about he’s items.

Hands up anyone here who hasn’t completely left behind at least one whole spiritual philosophy after exploring it and evolving with it, and then moved onto the next stages thinking that what they did in the past was, at the very least, imperfect, or incomplete?


My hand’s well and truly down, I used to be a total love-and-light chick, and I find the people I used to admire or consider my peers during that stage to be… not what I now want in my life.

Actually some of my feelings are quite hostile and negative, but if I’m totally honest I know that’s just because I let them influence me, and I’m comparing what I did as a result of that influence with what I would have done “alone” - which is of course idiotic, since we change and grow through the people in our lives, and I “had to go there to get here” as the old saying goes.

I’m just saying, we’re all on a journey, Dante (or Andrew as he’s now asking to be called), EA, you, me, who knows where any of us will be in 6 months or two years and whatever?

I’m certain of what I want but the philosophies and understandings I bring to it will change, in fact it would be a tragedy for any of us not to change and grow and sometimes do a 180 on our previous assumptions, beliefs, and practices.

Just sayin’ :wink:

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Niko… Obviously not…I’m from Finland. All i told you was what impression i had of this guy, everyone can have their own. I can’t help it that i just didn’t get good impression.

I agree with Black Flame to a degree. If all I had to go on was a video or two I’d be skeptical as well especially when that video was…well…you guys saw it.

I agree with Eva and if thats why he left then I understand and support that. There are very few spiritual practices I’ve held dearly to since I’ve been practicing. Everybody has to grow and shed some skin from time to time. All I know of Dante is what I heard of him before joining BALG which wasn’t much as he was relatively unknown except for an interview or two on Mona Magick and people telling me he was the real deal when it came to ritual work. He came and accomplished what he wanted and now he’s moving on. He got some exposure for good or bad and now he’s got step out of EA’s and BALG’s shadow and show what he can do.

I wish him luck.

Well, that was interesting… Having read through the discussion, I decided to take a look at the video in question. While the majority here would agree that this video provokes skepticism…there’s a fair share of individuals who support Dante and validate his capabilities.

Here’s what I, personally, think may have happened…

There was a ritual that took place with significant results, but no one was around to record. Instead, what we’re watching is a theatrical reenactment from practitioners of necromancy…who aren’t quite as skilled at acting. Now, if this is true…we’re left to wonder why it wasn’t referred to as a reenactment within the video itself.

Well, it’s entirely likely that he just didn’t realize it wasn’t adequately stated. It’s obvious that Dante isn’t as eloquent as E.A. He does say that the ritual we’re about to see is real…but a reenactment is a demonstration of something that really occurred. It’s possible that he may have believed he conveyed that while speaking. I know that I’ve taken over sixty different recordings in an attempt to get my own points across only to then realize I left something out or didn’t properly present an important point.

Now, we’re left to speculate on why it wasn’t addressed after the fact, but that one’s easy. Within matters of the spiritual, the moment you attempt backtracking in order to rectify mistakes you may have made in your presentation…you’re going to bring about skepticism in regards to your honesty. Might as well remain silent on the issue and simply let people debate it amongst themselves while you move on and try to learn from the mistake so that your future presentations are much more accurate.


I’m new around here and don’t have all the details. This may have been discussed in vivid detail; I may be ranting when the answer lies within the search feature. These are just the ramblings of someone who’s up at 3:19AM and should be sleeping.

What we do know, for sure, is that BALG promoted and endorsed him while many back up his validity. I wouldn’t hold one melodramatic video against him. As for why he’s no longer with BALG…we’ll have to get an official word on that one! It’s entirely likely, however, that the reasons were personal and we’re not going to receive an answer beyond that.

I really need to sleep and stop babbling throughout the night…oi.

Whatever the reasons for Dante leaving are his own. As Eva has said, everyone grows in a certain paradigm, then at times, they shift. This is sometimes part and parcel of growth. Whatever the reason, I am thankful for his contributions in the works that were published.

I have to agree with LadyEva here.
Just a couple years ago I had no idea of the power I contained within myself not to mention the rest of humanity.

Now here I am pushing MY will into the world hell the UNIVERSE to male my life better.

I’m going through the hellfire now sure.But just a few years ago I would have stolen your grandmothers wedding ring for a balloon of heroin.

So I consider myself a light year Ahead of where I was.

Every individual’s life changes by the minute and if you are able to adapt to those changes then you have a chance at this game we’re all playing on this planet.

We have a choice to forge our path and build an empire out of the ashes or lie down and be trampled until our impending death just to start over again.

Ascend now or later.
The choice is ours.

Sorry this was somewhat off topic but I’ve been spending a lot if time today in meditation and come to quite a few realizations.

This doesn’t have much to do with Dante or Andrew or whatever the fuck but my point is that everyone’s path in life changes by the second.