Dantallion is great, public praise in here

Public praise for you, Great Duke Dantallion for returning my girlfriend back, after so many years of suffering. In less than 24 hours you gave me her back.
I promised making public praise if you helped me, I promised you giving you a new place in my altar. Here I am doing what I promised.

Eternally in doubt with you.

I couldn’t recommend you more working with Dantallion for any love/sex/relationship matters, he delivers inmediatly if you connect with Him. You can offer Him Wine, Flowers (he loves flowers, I offered a Red Rose). His candles are green and white, his Incense Sandal. You can offer him Raspberries as well.

Avage Ayer Dantallion on Ca.
¡In Nomine dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi!


That’s a good result, on what’s often considered a difficult kind of magick. :+1:


Do you mean that Sex Magick is a difficult kind of magic? Didn’t know

May I ask what it is that you did in order to earn his assistance?

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Correction: “…after so many days of suffering”

Bruh, that was important.

I hope you can keep her.

Public praise and gratefulness to you, Great Duke Dantallion for changing my husbands attitude and improvement of our family life on a 1000 percents! Thank you for banishing the marriage intruder as well.

I absolutely recommend working with Dantallion, it was so nice, easy and delightful expirience. If you need help and boost in a really magickal way in your love, family, marriage, sex life, don’t hesitate to call him he’ll do wonders for you. Everything is beyond my bravest dreams. And last but not least - he worked literally for hours after being asked to.

I’ve offered him tea, nice red wine, chocolate, cinnamon aroma sticks, and a 5-leafs clover. Also some herbals. He came immediately as I started chanting his enn. Didn’t saw him, but felt his presence and get the feeling I’m like underwater tunnel with purple mist around me. Very strong and nice feeling.

Avage Ayer Dantallion on Ca.

I’m grateful too. Dantalion help me to deal with difficult situations and made my lover more caring.
Ave, Duke Dantalion


I’m so happy for you. Could you please tell me how you connected with him?

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Enn and sigil are enough man, give gifts, make vows, it will make them happy.

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Thank you Mustafa. I will try again. Do you use a pendulum if you cannot hear/speak to demons?

The only time I did a full evocation (Gordon Winterfield Demons of Magick method, 3rd ritual), I did see something. The sigil of the demon appeared on my darkened wall, lights were flashing. So I guess I see something, but there was no real communication. I have no way of knowing if Amon, (or now Dantallion) will even help me

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