Dont give up just open yourself and your life for that one. :eyeglasses: your future will get bright again.

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Trying man…not getting an answer in any way shape or form is tough

Stay open and everyday try to connect but dont get frustrated. Do the work - do the research. It will happen - maybe Dantalion will show you who to work with the get the outcome you need.

pull up Asbjorns entry on his first love spell - it really hits home even if I have been doing them for some time… You may get someone that will blow the other one out of the water dear.

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Thanks. Just read it, definitely going to give it a shot. I appreciate your generosity and time.

I’ve had plenty of gfs. This one is way different. Willing to do anything to gain her attention back.

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You are a Knight, ask some of the forum who you should work with - I have Dantalion for knowledge- but I use others for well other things.

Appreciate that!

King Beleth - was amazing and he took my silver ring for 48 hours I now where it on the Left hand. It was instant…

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He would want to see something more substantial than just tea. A promise of some kind. You are asking of him to fix your relationship, and it’s huge. First, ask him what he would like in return.

Well said!

He likes sweets.


Update pleaae

I feel this was Dantalion. If you call a spirit’s name, it shall come.