Hello everyone!

I just evoked Dantalion for a love and break up issue, i have problem to communicate with the spirits so i am using Pendulum to get easy answer.
I used Tea as an offering,and simple calling Dantalion to come to me,he came quick,i asked twice to ensure its himlet the Pendulum to turn clockwise.
So i make my sentence simple,i want my girl back and i want her to break up with that man, i ask if its possible,the answer is yes. I know to call Dantalion it will be better if i give something in return,so i invite him to my dream(since i am not able to hear what he say) to tell me whats the offer in return before we make the agreement.

The whole process was smooth and quick,its too quiet and not much energy flow.
I haven’t get the message yet, shall i write down what i want it to be done like a pact or just stated love and break up?
Anyone have connection with Dantation? would be Great to know if he got my message! Thank you!


Become engaged in another aspect of Magick so as to put some distance between you and your rite. Don’t be scared to call in Dantalion at night, before bed.
More than often it’s not the spirits, it’s you.



Actually i evoke him at 3am,not sure whats the best time,i will try again tonight.

Hi Lukes. any update on this! Did you get any dreams from Dantalion at all, or have you seen any progress at all

Whenever I ask a Spirit into my dreams I also ask for their assistance in remembering the dream.


yes,i have Dantalion in my dream,however he didnt make any request from me.
I decide to call him again soon.

Hi any update on this please

Hello guys,Just an update for this post.

Its been 18 days after i evoked Dantalion so here’s my result and its unsuspected.
I ask him if he can break up the couple and i asked if he can bring back my Ex,both answer YES.
But what i felted was “not necessary”.
He came to my dream, from the ceiling,i felt the pressure and the energy, so i asked him twice “why is it not necessary,why is the deal not accepted”


I was very confused when i wake up, then i finally understand til today.
I Met a New girl after i called Dantalion,and we fall in love so deeply that i was totally going to forget my Ex…
I lost my EX two years ago,and i had suffer for the pain.it healed in one week.

I was really happy and in love with my new gf now :slight_smile: maybe sometime the spirits know whats the best for you…Although the result was not what i suspected, It took me two years to wait for a better person.

Thank you Dantalion!



It’s a common thing that we are blessed with better things than what we ask :grinning:


Yes thats why its important to know what you really want. You may think you want something and try to manifest it and then it doesn’t come and you think something is wrong with your ritual. You may think you lack power and doubt yourself.You may limit yourself to only asking for one thing because you think you are not worthy.

So i’m happy for you that you moved on and found someone that makes you happy.


So, Dantalion likes tea as an offering yes? Any other things he might like? Self-made spicy pizza? :slight_smile:


Wow amazing story. I remember i did an evocation of Dantalion a year ago and asked if he could come to me in my dream. When i went to bed and fell asleep , he came. He knocked on my door asking me to come in. I looked at him through the peep hole , he was a young slim black man. He insisted i let him in but the dream was so real I got scared and told him to go away. I was confused , i didn t realise it was him atm. He left and did not come back.


I used Oolong with honey in an espresso cup - how much do Goetics drink; my tea was in a mug - my weird mix with milk and 37 sugars (mainly because I forgot how many I added).

My own rituals to Dantalion are marked by the following occurences:

  1. At least one interruption - this has become a running joke and would not be a ritual without
  2. The Duke flouncing off with the candle in an instant without a bye or leave - dramatic ending to the ritual
  3. Slightly different voice or different Dantalion voice - or not so slightly - today was male for the first ritual and then a sassy black mamma from the deep South… Dantalion doesn’t seem to have the same voice two sessions running - it’s like a call centre.

All happen every single time.

Gave me some more info on the Beloved and what is to happen plus a pretty big bombshell just as the flame departed, not about the Beloved or me directly but about a person associated with us.

Have no idea what reaction your pizza would elicit.


Spoke to Duke Dantalion again today and talked about a couple of things - we had interruptions and the dramatic flounce ending again.

What I wanted to talk about today is ENNS and what benefit the ancient gods get from them and they do and how they work.

For Dantalion the enn is “Avage ayer Dantalion on ca”, there is a shorter enn “OCIP” - I was not given the meanings of these, I didn’t ask.

Essentially they offer power, they are a calling card, guidance, happiness, joy (I know those two seem strange but that is what I am quoting) and acknowledging the gods and their abilities.

Yes the facilitate communication, but the enn must be completed before it’s heard. They will hear the very first enn, whether it’s spoken, shouted, whispered, silent in mind’s voice.

The gods will sit there are listen to this for as long as they choose, but they will have heard the first calling, you can not hurry them. Why do they wait or not respond in some instances?

From Duke Dantalion - “We need to determine your need, your willingness to learn, your likelihood to benefit from our teaching and whether we should invest our time in you”

I asked about myself being a poor student - was told “Not poor - inconsistent. Dantalion is always honest”

I asked if I could publicise this and was given permission.

Apparently this pretty much goes for all enns, for all ancient gods.

Perhaps, you’ve already been told this or known this implicitly yourself but this is what I got when I asked the question today.


Bad gas and possibly diarrhea.

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It puts a whole new perspective on the expression “the sulphury void…”


If he asks you to pull his finger, I would politely decline.


Thankfully not happened as yet although the great Duke does come out with some interesting things which have me laughing out loud inadvertently and then needing to apologise. He asked me why my stomach was gurgling and then told me not to eat but make some tea for us both… another interruption!


What happens if you pull his finger?

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I have noticed that spirits can have a sense of humor. One time Duchess Bune hid one of my divination pennies from me. I asked her a question and sometimes when I toss the pennies, they act like they have been shot out of a cannon. This happened and I easily found three of them, but not the fourth. I looked everywhere, under furniture, the bed, laundry hamper, everywhere. While I was doing this, I hear giggling and “cold”, “colder”, “warmer”. By this time, I am in the middle of the room and it is not anywhere. I turn around to look behind me and nothing, but then I turn around and boom, it is sitting right in front of me. It was not there 10 seconds ago. We had a good laugh