Anyone worked with Dantalion? I understand that while Sitri does bring love but in a “kinky” way, dantalion brings “romance love”. I need your opinions

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I didn’t work with for love purposes but I feel like it did rub off on me! I felt more in love with my partner(and him to me), him and Sallos worked together though for that.
I worked with him a little on mind reading and understanding things on a scientific level. He had a decently heavy presence that spread in my mind as a dusty/rustic fog…

I have also used him as council in general. I recommend giving him a try.


I highly recommend Dantalion. I made a request for a woman to return into my life, she did as he said she would. I did not claim as she would have been detrimental and I decided to stay the course of nature to go along with the breakup as the Universal intended.

Sitri worked well for a one night stand on two separate occasions. I’m sure he is capable of more, but the experiment was a great success.

He has aided me professionally at work and continues to amaze me with his council. A strange question I have as well, he requested that I consult him before calling upon any other of the 72 Spirits. Anyone else have input on this?


So. I decided to consult with Belial before I do anything with Dantalion, because I had something previously going on with Belial. Usually I do not ask anyone if to start a work with someone I do as I want. But for some reason I felt Belial …upset I’d say and I asked. He doesn’t agree that I work anything with Dantalion. I was surprised. Then I asked Lucifer and I got the same answer. What do I do now? I was going to ask D. For 3things 1.help with advancing in my psychic skills, to influence someone’s mind and turn him back to me and to influence tomorrow a person that will interview me and accept me on executive position. Belial wants to do all this instead. While he did deliver before well paid jobs opportunities he could not or did not deliver that other 2. I wonder if I go ahead and still do the work with Dantalion what will happend with Belial? Is he going to interfere ? Anyone has experience with going over a demons advice and do it anyway?

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I’d listen to the advice BUT press them to come up with some spirit who CAN help, or to give them, or have them give you, a date (best linked to phases of the Moon IMO not calendar date) by which they will deliver.

I wouldn’t ignore these warnings myself, I would however nag the hell out of the spirit until I got what I wanted, or something better.

On here, and other forums, I have this feeling “Belial and Lucifer said not to do X but I did it anyway and now I have a huge problem” is the kind of thing people do post about, and it’s best avoided.

Listen to them, but ask WHY, and ask HOW you can get what you want, be like a pushy salesman, don’t just accept the No.