Dantalion softened a blow

Been studying Magick with near obsession since September because I’m fascinated with it as well as to start a relationship that should have been inevitible save for her emotional baggage that’a beyond intense.

I asked Dantalion to help lessen my feelings for her a week or so ago and within a day it was more bearable. She told me she’a in a relationship now (doing my best to not be cynical) and I’m quite amazed at how well I’m taking this. It sucks because most people would take this as an absolute failure given that I’ve called on 2 Archangels, 3 demons, 4 Olympic Spirits and fired a sigil or two in the past 5 months to bring together my result with someone who isn’t me… I’m choosing to see this as disruption and to detach.

Making this something I’m indifferent to would be a lot better than my current background setting in my mind that’s been there for nearly half a year. I’ll never declare a ritual as “failed” unless there’s no way at all for it to manifest (I have women bouncing in and out of my life all the time between their relationships) so I’m choosing to see this as the necessary disruption for it to happen.

Dantalion saved me from a week of too much whiskey and leaving Magick behind. This is almost comfortable somehow. If you’re stressed or need a change of thinking, speak with him!


Good work! :heart::sparkling_heart:

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Thank you, it’s strange because Magick works best on what’s “just out of reach” but maybe this needs to happen first because it’s the only way it can. I don’t know, maybe it’s denial. I don’t know where to draw the line or if one even should with this art.

I’ve got a lot to learn. I’m just glad I’m growing still

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Yea I think your doing great!

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