Dantalion Invocation Experience

Hello Everyone,

Tonight I performed my first demon invocation. It was short and simple.
I read the name Dantalion somewhere and it immediately grabbed my attention, perhaps more than any other spirit/demon…

I decided to summon him with a petition and a promise. No offerings since I didn’t count with anything I could offer him at the moment.

I started by meditating on his sigil, then I shut out the lights and IMMEDIATELY felt his presence. I didnt need to do anything else. It was like he was waiting there waiting for me. It was an incredible experience. I wasn’t sure if I was scared, but something told me I should not show fear, because it wasn’t needed.

For a second I my eyes started wandering around the room and that very second I felt like a subtle slap, like he was scolding me for wandering around while I was still speaking to him.

I apologized to him and kept going.

As soon as I said my farewells, the energy in the room changed, like he wasnt there anymore.

BUT OH MY GOD… The way I felt his presence there with me, I’ve never felt that before. It was exciting. I felt loved by him.

I’m no an expert on this kind of magic, and perhaps I did almost everything wrong… But the fact that I felt him there with me was indescribable …

Could you share with me your experiences with him and the best ways to call him?

Thank you all for reading.


He didn’t say anything?

I use to call him all the time have really good laughs and read to him my writings and poems I always had a good time when we talked don’t talk no more tho… Kinda sad but well things have changed since then

Not that I could understand.
I just felt the presence.