Dantalion before sallos (getting unblocked)

Okay so, I’ve tried reaching out to sallos. It didn’t work. Could be a number of reasons. I’m not deep into meditation, I’m subconsciously am afraid it would work, I rationalize everything. Whatever.
I also thought since I’m trying to get a guy to unblock me to even establish communication, should I try contacting dantalion first just to get unblocked to start? I’ve read about both of them and if I can establish a connection then I think they both could help me. Again maybe I’m just trying to find reasoning for things. Perhaps I’m asking more than what’s allowed and that’s first being unblocked and him simply no longer hating me. For that should I call into dantalion first?

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Since Dantalion can manipulate emotions and such, try working with him to get your target to unblock you. The only way you’ll know is to just do it.

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You should meditate, as this is the basic of all and will do good for your concentration, anger management , etc…and hence will do good for you and your life.

Please see what EA says about it and what he says is really important.

As for rationalization problems, you should unlearn some things and especially, your subconscious I mean. You should be more and more open minded: Do not expect anything or do not block anything that may happen just accept every possibility and let it go, do no wait for things like Godo, but just observe. They will come . You will witness more and more "anomalies " within time. Just let things go…

As a result of the blockages that you might have, especially these that have taught you to dump your creativity, or not to trust your intuition and focus only on rational thinking, your subconscious mind will simply deny the results that you may observe

And you might think consciously that your subconscious mind is wrong, but no, - it’s your subconscious mind, and it really governs your entire body and most of your thinking. You can’t just say it that it’s wrong. No, you really need to redefine your thinking. That will not happen in one day but it will happen,you just need to be an open minded person: Turn in, tune in, and drop out.

How you may do it, for example good movies or reading about psychic phenomena and success of magick will help.

Your subconscious mind, through reading books, articles and theoretical ideas, begins to think that magick is capable of, and that world is really hve also an edge beyond our senses and reality itself cannot be a a part of a nowadays dogma.

Indeed, science rejects everything at first, remember once Galileo denied by “scientists”, even once quantum realities of today are seen as crazy or pseudo science. There is a “placebo” reality, the body might heal itself even just with a sugar pill ( sugar which is the worst enemy of us today, but yet it may yield miracles, sure not sugar but subconscious or vagus nerve - but something which is not yet “scientific”.

There is an explanation for everything but till that good explanation comes why not practice ways to reap its fruits.

As said everything has some “rational” explanation but maybe denial or pseudo labeling is not a the best approach .As Feynman once said

“I would rather have questions that can^t be answered than answers which can not be questioned.”

The real science do not reject magick but try to understand it, where nowadays we are simply brainwashed by dogmatist. Yes there are charlatans out there but in every aspect of life we have them, that doesn’t denies that there’s really something beyond us.( for now)

Just be open minded,and give a chance and things will work out maybe one day we will be able to understand more but even we are not yet there we may convince our thoughts and use it to our advantage.

Redefine your reality, read watch question and expand your frontiers, you will see things will really get better.

Btw, I may recommend you a good movie " A Dark Song "

But please do meditate , there are many types of it, read about it and learn more, something some version of it may catch you up. You’ll enjoy it even in time. Trust me.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Did you recommend this because it’s examples of what happens or just because it’s good. I mean either way I’m def gonna watch it but also if things can happen like that for me asking what I want idk if I should lol

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Both … :+1:

Just like karate for example before breaking 10 solid bricks at once with a bare hand, you go step by step and watch the masters , this is not done just for the technique ,itself but also to convince your mind that is not something out of probability or something stupid, but just to accept that it works, like saying and believing that you may do the same. ( not immediately but sure if you persist)

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Wouldn’t it be dangerous if I even bothered then if this can happen? Or is that only cus she was trying to talk to the dead?

If I say it cant, I may be wrong. I do not safe its safe 100 %, but even there may be pain the gain will be much much more
IMho, if you work and meditate and prepare your own mind day by day you will easily handle the adverse effects if they even occur.

The others mostly did. So you may also.