Dantalion and Cimeries

Everyone knows how Dantalion is excellent for romance and love. How he can change the thoughts and feelings of other people.

But, Dantalion is fucking amazing for other things as well - namely, to make you extremely charismatic and smooth.

You will be amazed if you ask him for help with this. He can make the shyest guy become the life of the party.


Call on him for this purpose, and buckle up.

As for Cimeries - he works extremely well in combination with Dantalion. It’s actually weird how Cimeries isn’t as well known as some other spirits. He is really good for some things.

He can help you make anyone you meet tremble in absolute awe before you. The sheer authority and status he helps you develop is staggering.

Call on him for this, if you believe people don’t take you seriously. In combination with Dantalion, the changes you can experience can be astonishing.



good info,thank you

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How fast are you getting results and what methods are you using?

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YES I agree Cimeries has doc much potential he can make you extremely confident and brave. Very useful when someone wants to fight so you don’t break down crying or trembling lol

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How to evoke Duke Dantalion and Cimeries?

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Thanks to Dantalion. He Is a powerful and fast spirit.He worked for me in less than 24 hours.He manipulates someone’s mind from a long distance. Hail Dantalion.


Cimeries, It says in the Satanic bible He prefers to be called Khepu and is the supreme God of The African continent He is awesome he absolutely rocks in my book He contacted me to help me with a problem I had in Africa and I made an agreement with him that I would formally summon him three days time on the hour of Jupiter The day before I called him up the problem was completely solved out of the blue an impossible situation which had been around my neck for 18 months was miraculously just swept away in a two minute phone call My formal summoning Changed into a life changing thank you for which I will always be grateful Khepu is the top guy Happy magic Herbie