Dantalion and Cimeries Journal from an empath

I just did some reading on these 2 spirits and Dantalion has really been calling out to me (and when hes calling out to you, he really calls)
My intention is to keep track of progress and share my success to promote these spirits.
Within hours of just reading about Dantalion he told me hed reverse the damage that had been done to my relationships during the time i suffered a curse.
I hadnt evoked or invoked him, just remembered when id worked with him as a child. After remembering, I basically showed Dantalion a sincere effort and empathy along with respect.
He wants to understand me since Im an empath and my experience of the world is quite different than most.
Dantalion and i are alike in many ways, in that we both come across many secrets and thoughts of men and women alike. We share other traits like stubborness and some others but Im not gonna get into those for now. Point is, we are coming into rapport.
He pointed me towards Cimeries to help me.
My main issue has been connected to being an empath. Im very empowered, intelligent, strong willed and funny on my own but whenever i go to bring this to other people to share my personality i always face blocks and end up acting nice, innocent, and a bit lost…
As a result my relationships are practically nonexistent.
Though ive learned to function and enjoy my own company.
So Cimeries and i had a chat and hes making me more fearless, revealing to me my subconscious fears and helping me overcome them by facing them.
He works quickly.
Additionally my father contacted me. Previously we werent talking. I moved away to get away from him. Like Dantalion said, hed fix this stuff for me.
My dad was kinder and more respectful of me and he wanted to help me…
Dantalion and i are still getting to know one another but Im already quite impressed.
Funny enough, i felt i started to establish trust with Dantalion and then i get the notification that my trust level on the board has gone up. Right that same moment is when my dad calls me.

Ill be updating more in the future.
For now this is just a thank you to these spirits.
I plan to hunt for dandelions.

I havent even really figured out exactly what it is i want from these spirits yet. They told me they already knew but it would help me help myself to get clear on what I want because aligning the conscious mind to it and putting it into words will help them help me much faster. In addition i must figure out a suitable exchange.
For now its respect and trust along with giving Dantalion permission to analyze me.

Just a little bit afraid of such a powerful entity to be honest. Ive angered him when i was a teen and had no idea it was Dantalion and had no idea what to do about it, I developed weird phobias and had nightmares.

So Im really wanting to come from a place of respect this time. I tend to fuck up a lot when Im in a mood as an empath.
Hoping these spirits understand (“they do” as I type this)
Wanting to work with these daemons as a platform for personal development to help me with relationships, social skills, sex, love, family, and professional/financial life.
Though i know Im fully capable, my low self esteem and lifetime of personal traumas, fears, self consciousness, and pain along with anxiety and betrayals have kept me down, afraid, and missing out on the pleasures of life. Keeping me in a mostly secluded life…

“Not any longer” says Dantalion.
“We will help you” says Cimeries.

Will be updating regularly.
Currently: I am homeless, jobless, surviving on food stamps. Have been able to manifest (or simply been blessed with) just enough money to survive always… Endlessly grateful for this and the food and shelter i have even if it is my car which is currently not running, stuck in a parking lot…
Also i have 1 friend I just met a couple days ago, a kind individual, no… kind is an understatement… Who had previously renounced society to live on an island with a canoe and his dog for 7 years, alone…
And i was told id meet him, told of his name, when and where id meet him a month in advance.
Belial wants me to write a book about this journey I went on. Im doubting its success already but as i write this now I sense a certain power to my words that fills me with a sense of promise. Promise that I will find the power within me to create something divine to share with others.

Anyways this is just stream of consciousness.

Been very troubled and challenged with the opposite sex too. Some women find me really weird and some wont look away. Whatever the case, its been very uneventful bedroom wise for the last few years. Putting my personality on display for tindarellas is not my style… Im not a circus attraction, not here for their entertainment… Not here for the entertainment of anyone but myself.

Well, Thats a lot of personal stuff. But hey, I figure the more i put on display the more criticism I can receive. The more guidance, the more teaching. And i can decide from there whether that person is just projecting or actually helping.
Welp, here goes nothing.

What an unusual start to a most eventful exciting and unexpected journey. Who knows what’ll happen :blush: (and thats the best part) it’ll be good. Funny. Magical. Fun. Pleasurable. Full of wisdom and lessons.
And i wouldnt have it any other way.
May i be fully supported, protected, assisted, and guided at this time.
And it is Done…
Thank you.
Thank you…
Thank you…