Dantalion. 2nd calling to an entity. And wow!

After finding my way to dandalion through this forum, I decided to reach out to him before bed last night.

WOW. I knew we would match, he is like the dream entity for me. I had music playing and he chose a song he liked so he told me to put it on repeat. I’m listening to it again as I type. It sounds like classical victorian, upbeat and intellectual, and very up lifting. This is the effect he had on me too, very warm nurturing and happy. A little mischievous. He seems very layered and very intellectual. I offered him some pure distilled water and he seemed really happy about that.

He communicated with me by writing in my notebook. He would speak through me so as I write on the paper I was writing his speech. Telepathic comms.

He seemed very serious with me, my humour offended him. I asked if he was like a genie or fairygodmother to which he got deeply offended. So I stopped with the jokes i wasnt trying to offend it was my child like excitement. I’m new to calling entities so I asked if he has a price or expectation for working with him and he said “your time, patience, your ear, your wisdom and some energy. you have a unique energy a light not like many. not many are as brave and have your fire and fight.” He was very complimentary of me and charismatic, I could really feel his charming powers at work. very potent and I’m not always quick to fall to flattery… but this is an entity we are talking about! He is also quick witted. He gives me Shakespearean vibes.

I had a feeling of familiarity when i was communicating with him. I’ve had a jinn leaving inside me for a while now, a lover jinn who doesn’t want to let me go. He has really protected me at times and i believe he is of a good nature for the most part. I asked Dantalion if this lover jinn had any relation to him, and he said yes he belongs to Dantalion’s legion

I made it clear to him I am not willing to sell my soul or cause harm onto myself. He agreed that was not of interest to him. But he did let me know that he is in control and reminded me of my place in the hierarchy. I had new found respect for him, and now feel really connected with him


Sounds like if he sent you a djinn he might want you to work with him?

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Just my two cents though

This could be true, but jinns can also be sent by magicians to destroy someone, they can also make their own way into your body

Judging from his generally good behaviour and good nature he could’ve been sent? I’ll have to ask to find out.

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@libidolady I like your stories a lot, I don’t know if they are real or not but I really like reading them :smile:

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Really? Haha I’ve nothing to gain from making them up!


Lol dont get me wrong if I think you would be a true larper I would be offensive asf but your previous thread on remote orgasms tells me you are legit as I have some experience on it :innocent:

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Plus Im still semi-novice to the occult world so im here to share my experiences! I really appreciate the second opinions and getting the terminology right

I’ll defo take it as a compliment that my stories seem too good to be true tho (if thats what youre saying)

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It makes no sense to me for someone to come to a forum full of people with experience and knowledge and try and lie to them. As I share more stories, you’ll see that i am real


No not at all lol I dont think you are making it up as I already said.


Some people do to be fair lol

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:+1:t3: Truth speaks for itself

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Only to the truthful;

To the pure all things are pure.

To the base, all things are base.



@libidolady how did you make connection with him?? Which are the steps?
Im thinking very seriously to do it also, regarding to valentine’s Day thst is coming. I dont want my ex and his new girlfriend have a romantic day :persevere:


@Greekgirl I was reading about him and focusing on him then said his name out loud multiple times to start things off, classical music seemed to help, he liked that

I get the feeling like he is over worked though or he is growing tired but i might be wrong

Ah i see! So without even candles or something?!

@Greekgirl No i didnt have candles

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Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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Np, best of luck :kiss:

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I really wanted to thank you for sharing your experience with him. It was very pleasant to read and I love that you shared some of your personal relations and observations. I always look for it while reading posts about spirits and how others see them ~

Yeah, I can personally relate. He is usually pretty formal at first and really takes his self-esteem into account, he might seem to be even haughty. Kinda aristocrat or working businessman type to me.

I remember when I was a kid and had my very first contact with him - I read somewhere that I should offer some food or drink for the spirit (and I was a dumb kid ofc) so I offered him an ice tea, cus why not …

Oh gods, he was so disgusted. How I dared not give him alcohol or wine? Jesus Christ.
But he accepted me anyway, so nice. He prolly took into consideration the fact that I was just a stupid kid.

Once I joked of him being not very expressive, now I don’t really remember that joke I made, but he got kinda offended either. He didn’t like the idea that I think he doesn’t have feelings or smth like that. It almost felt as if I offended a very important part of his emotional being then, tho I wasn’t serious.

I would say he is definitely complex here. Some people claim he is kinda cold and mainly intellectual - it’s a thing that is noticeable for sure. But from my personal experience he seems to be emotional within and showing as intellectual outside. Like, he is balanced but I can also say that I had some situations when I really could feel the waking drama in him. That would explain some of his relations to art and feelings.

I noticed it either. Tho, I don’t remember the last time he didn’t feel that way tbh.

I often could feel the few days when he is “busy” kinda feels as if his energy was far away. He is still there but I intuitively feel I should call him only when I really need to. He usually gives me some of his spirits to watch untill he gets more free.

I like to call these his “overbroad delegations” lol, but I personally never asked about it nor I felt that I should. It feels like not really my business here. Tho, yeah, for sure he is a kind of busy spirit. Many people share similar impression.