Dankquanicus' Journal of Divining the Astrological Association of Plants

I had this idea for quite some time as I’ve been divining the Astrological Sign and Planet of various plants using Geomancy, although a rather experimental method, as I’m not aware of any traditional method.
The results have been very interesting (Although I haven’t used this in magick), and I’ve done this for a few plants so far. I’ll update this over time although I’m not sure how far I will go with it.

Ffree to use the associations for these plants in magick if you happen to have them, and do let me know how it turns out, I’d be very interested to hear. For some of these, I’m not aware of any widely known astrological association.

Now the first entry will be:

Kalanchoe Delagoensis:

(The Images I’ll be adding are not mine.
Source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/474426141989982690/)

Other Names: Chandelier Plant. Mother of Millions.

Astrological Sign: Taurus :taurus:

Ruling Planet: Venus :female_sign:

I really love this plant. I was gazing at it in the morning, before I thought to try and divine the Astrological Sign and Planet, and I was wondering what its Sign would be. I gazed at it, and tried to sense what Sign would be attributed to it. I saw the Image of Taurus pop up before me, I thought this was interesting although my knowledge of astrology is too limited to understand why this would be so. But then I decided to try and divine the ruling Planet and Sign of the Planet through Geomancy, and to my surprise, it came out as the Sign of Taurus. I took this as a sign that the method does work.

Uses: This can be used for Love Magick, and may generate a particularly gently acting love in another that may also cause them to be particularly drawn to appearances. It may also be used to generate sexual desire in another stemming from love and attraction.
This may also be used to increase your beauty and appearance to others, causing others to be more attracted to you. This may have a rather wide effect, causing many around you to notice your beauty and become more attracted to you. It may increase your fame or popularity, stemming from love and attraction.



(Source: File:YosriNov04Pokok Serai.JPG - Wikimedia Commons)

Other Names: Lemongrass, Citronella Grass, Fever Grass

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius :sagittarius:
Ruling Planet: Sol

The with the Ruling Planet of this Plant being the Sun, with the Sign Sagitarrious, and when rotating the Chart to the Ninth House we see that the figure representing it jumps to the 9th House, also the House of Sagitarrius, I think this can be a great plant to use in magick regarding excelling at university or college by recieve clarity of mind and strength in such matters, and even receiving clarity and perhaps strength in religious ritual.

You may use it to recieve popularity and mighty strength in matters of higher education and religion, and perhaps even to bless a long journey you are undertaking. That is, either leaving the country, or a long spiritual journey.

Perhaps it can be used to strengthen health and even act rather swiftly so. Experimentation will be needed but no doubt this plant has many medical uses.

It may also be used to drive away evil spirits.


I have returned to this now and I’m really surprised that I left this with only 2 posts. I’ve done a lot more divination and experiments than simply regarding two plants. Although, I tend to be somewhat hesitant to share these things as it seems there really are people that scour the forum to steal the works of those on here. I would like to share this post on here, however.
But, the experiments have been a wonderful success! And through it, I’ve come to see how things truly do descend from higher spiritual forces (Represented by the Planets and Stars, but I say ‘Spiritual Forces’ to emphasize that I am not referring to the material stars) or Ideas (In the Platonic sense of the word). If these spiritual forces only dominate spirit, we should not be able to see their character manifest in the material form of these plants, yet, we do. Take the Chandelier Plant for example, it is ruled by Venus, and we see clearly how Venus appears within the plant, because of it’s amazing beauty when it flowers. But, we also see it in it’s extreme reproductive ability. The plant is also called “The Mother of Millions”, and truly, it is hard to get rid of the plant once it has spread. They grow just about anywhere in a garden.

Secondly, with the Lemongrass, there is some medical research that suggests it aids with the heart, and in some places in Africa it is traditionally used to aid with ailments of the heart. Perfectly appropriate with it’s ruler being divined to be The Sun.

Now, today we’re looking at Coriander, also called, Cilantro.

(Source: Image found here)

I did not divine it’s planetary ruler, but rather relied on traditional sources on here, two which conflict with each other, so I divined to confirm whether or not the ruler is Mercury.

Al Biruni, in his “Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology” (In his chapter on which Planets rule over particular Animals, Minerals and Plants) says Mercury rules over Coriander, but Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book I, Chapter XXVIII, says that Coriander is ruled by Venus. The Greek Magical Papyri also suggest it is ruled by Venus.

So, I wanted to know what Planet ruled over the Plant, and cast this chart on whether or not Mercury rules over it:

Here, the question belongs in the 9th House, since it is about occult philosophy (It is now questionable if I should have placed this here now, as you might say it is about the nature of the plant, so we should look at the House of the plant. But, if the question belonged to the 11th House, in this case, the answer would be the same).

Firstly, Acquisitio as the Judge would indicates already that Mercury rules over the plant and the plant dominantly descends from Mercury. And Caput Draconis in the 9th House also answers that Mercury is the ruler of the plant, and with Conjunctio, a figure of Mercury, in the 11th House representing the plant, answers this very clearly. Caput Draconis also passes to the 6th House, showing that the plant especially has the virtues of Mercury when it comes to affecting a person’s health. And, there is research that Coriander improves brain and gut health, so this is supported.

Now, one may think, one of the sources was wrong in this case. That the plant is actually ruled by the one Planet rather than the other, but this is not quite the case. Agrippa tells us in Book I, Chapter XXX of The Three Books of Occult Philosophy, “Also among Vegetables, every thing that bears fruit is from Jupiter, and every thing that bears flowers is from Venus, all Seed, and Bark, is from Mercury, and all roots from Saturne, and all Wood from Mars, and Leaves from the Moon”. All the planets are within all things, “Moreover, this we must know, that every stone, or Plant, or Animall, or any other thing, is not governed by one star alone, but many of them receive influence, not separated, but conjoined, from many Stars” (Book I, Chapter XXXII).

So we see sometimes that traditional sources give two different planetary rulers for the same thing, and there is no trouble in this, as they are looking at a particular quality that is especially manifest within it. One or more planets or star are generally particularly dominant in one thing, however, but all the planets and stars are within all things to varying degrees, and for Coriander, we see how it is ruled by Venus due to it’s sweet smell, and so I would use Coriander incense when invoking a spirit of Venus, but Coriander has ability to aid with illnesses of Mercury, and other more workings.


I will likely post another entry into this journal soon, and afterwards likely take another long delay in posting more to the journal.