Dankquanicus' Journal of Divining the Astrological Association of Plants

I had this idea for quite some time as I’ve been divining the Astrological Sign and Planet of various plants using Geomancy, although a rather experimental method, as I’m not aware of any traditional method.
The results have been very interesting (Although I haven’t used this in magick), and I’ve done this for a few plants so far. I’ll update this over time although I’m not sure how far I will go with it.

Ffree to use the associations for these plants in magick if you happen to have them, and do let me know how it turns out, I’d be very interested to hear. For some of these, I’m not aware of any widely known astrological association.

Now the first entry will be:

Kalanchoe Delagoensis:

(The Images I’ll be adding are not mine.
Source: Kalanchoe delagoensis (Chandelier Plant) | World of Succulents | Blooming succulents, Kalanchoe delagoensis, Plants)

Other Names: Chandelier Plant. Mother of Millions.

Astrological Sign: Taurus :taurus:

Ruling Planet: Venus

I really love this plant. I was gazing at it in the morning, before I thought to try and divine the Astrological Sign and Planet, and I was wondering what its Sign would be. I gazed at it, and tried to sense what Sign would be attributed to it. I saw the Image of Taurus pop up before me, I thought this was interesting although my knowledge of astrology is too limited to understand why this would be so. But then I decided to try and divine the ruling Planet and Sign of the Planet through Geomancy, and to my surprise, it came out as the Sign of Taurus. I took this as a sign that the method does work.

Uses: This can be used for Love Magick, and may generate a particularly gently acting love in another that may also cause them to be particularly drawn to appearances. It may also be used to generate sexual desire in another stemming from love and attraction.
This may also be used to increase your beauty and appearance to others, causing others to be more attracted to you. This may have a rather wide effect, causing many around you to notice your beauty and become more attracted to you. It may increase your fame or popularity, stemming from love and attraction.