Dangers of the Path

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You are stepping away and outside. You are practising and learning, dealing with spiritual entities of age, knowledge and power. You see and act differently, until you’re completely alienated and truly alone – that’s the nature of the left hand path: individual self divinity! You reckon something like that can be made safe?

Magick per se is very dangerous. I’ve seen the results – over and over again, as it turns out. Mental health is definitely an issue. I recommend putting a zap on your head. This is very dangerous, but time is short and it’s necessary.

Why not take out insurance on your life for your son? Go to an insurance broker so you can get covered for mental illness, death, demon possession, etc. Alternatively, using your son as an excuse, piss off and join a white light, right hand path group where you can adhere to the curriculum until you safely merge with the sludge. Nice robes, great incense, impressive candles (often women) and all the hypocrisy you can muster, just never make the mistake of thinking that the rhp is a weak one which can confer no power.

Crossing the road is risky. Same as public transport. So is eating out. We’re all going to die and that includes your son. I say, ‘Do it!’



I would reccomend watching all his videos if you havent also he has done a few podcasts recently that may shed some light on this question for you. There possible dangers in every current of magic but it doesnt mean they arnt worth the risk.


For some perspective though, where the deeper work with the demonic kings involves the lake of fire and going through damnation in the deeper work for thia current you Become the lake of fire or become the very process of damnation if ya like.


Look, all I’m trying to say is that Magick is dangerous and lhp Magick is all the more so. If you’re looking for safety, avoid Magick. If you can’t avoid Magick, do rhp - still dangerous, just less so.

As for Life Insurance, in the past I’ve seen the benefits of that, so it bears thinking about, because as you noted, I stated that we’re all going to die. My dad once saw a man on a bicycle run over by a road roller coming down a steep incline with no brakes. Decades ago a bloke in England was decapitated by an ice sheet which formed on the underside of a jet wing and came loose. He never knew what hit him. Crazy shit happens, so it’s best to be prepared. That’s all I’m suggesting.



I, as the conduit of this current experienced a lot of hardship due to initiations which came forth as a result of my pact with Ahriman. I made many of the possible mistakes so practitioners would not have to. Danger as mentioned earlier will ALWAYS be present. It is real. Fear though is but an illusion and facing it is the door to your greatest power.

Due to the nature of this lore many will presuppose these dark Gods would be anti-human in a malign way. This is not the case. They are pro-evolution, not anti-human. They are pro-liberation and so yes they seek to destroy humanity by raising them up to their birthright, not by causing the streets to flow with blood. I made SURE that all warnings were set in place, and that the work of these forces was put together in a logical format that could only be misconstrued by the absolute foolish.


I will say this. I have watched followers of the path go into the mental institution due to psychosis, but this person was one who was completely IGNORant… in other words they ignored the sound wisdom of the spiritually scientific alchemical process.

You will grow if you follow the suggestions and insurance policies which are built into the current by default. They exist for your protection and the spirits made sure to initiate me in regard to this as well.

This does NOT mean things will be easy. You will be placed into positions which will force you to apply power for the sake of personal transformation. This current is not about getting things you want, though sorcery is a part of it. It is about personal evolution, moving toward aligning with true will and anchoring it within the limits of flesh to usher in more creative potential on this plane to defile and usurp creative power. This my friend is Counter Creation. You will be fine if you act with logic and wisdom.


You are always welcome. May you rise with the smoke which defiles the Holy Flame of Atar, and through the process may you look down upon thy fear and grin knowing that it was the ONE thing that stood in the way of helping your child and all others. You want to help your son? Then do not end up on your deathbed wishing you had done more. This is world alchemy. Give em HELL! Devour, destroy, become or be crushed!


This is why I am here. Don’t sweat it.


I think you misinterpreted @Uncle-Al 's intent… Or maybe I did :grin:

Do the work

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