Dangers of hookups

What are the energetic dangers for casual sex? Also if it varies for gender I’m a male


I by no means know all of the risks (and keep in mind that everything has a risk factor, so just because there are dangers, does not make it bad or sinful)…however, what I can tell you:

This activity obviously generates a LARGE amount of energy. And you are literally mingling yourself with them on many levels. So the obvious danger is ENERGY TRANSFER and also SPIRIT TRANSFER.

As I’m sure you know…even just shaking someone’s hand can cause you to pick up their energy…so imaging sleeping with them. And also know that their Spirits can mess with you as well.

The key is to pay attention to how you feel afterwards. There have been times after I’ve hooked up with someone that I felt ENERGIZED beyond belief…and there have been times when I’ve felt literally DIRTY NASTY AND FILTHY. Or even drained of energy. This was back before I knew about these spiritual things (and even knowing…it doesn’t stop my human desires or engagement in those desires) and so I was never aware of what was happening…I just knew I could feel drastically different from instance to instance. Now that I know about these things…I understand what was going on and that these people that left me with “dirty feelings” were draining my energy, or transferring negative energy to me, or spirit’s of theirs were attaching with me…or a combination of all these things.

All this being said, I don’t believe that casual engagement is bad in and of itself… but like anything you have to use reasonable caution. Don’t just go off of how the person looks…how does their energy feel…when you leave them…do they leave you with a negative or positive feeling? Feel their energies out. See how they interact…some people when you sense their energy are OBVIOUSLY crazy or in some other way give off an energy that you will know you don’t want. Happens to me all the time…I see someone I would love to hookup with…but their energy will let me know I don’t even need to go there.

It might help to cleanse yourself spiritually before and after. This way, even if you do pick up any energy/spirits from them…you will be sending them away.

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