Dangerous energy experiences?

I recently moved out of an apartment that I believe had some serious negative energy. I didn’t realize the magnitude of this until I would leave for a while and then come back. I’d be in good spirits and pretty much as soon as I stepped inside I would feel some type of intense negative feeling for no reason. For example, I would get intrusive thoughts about harming myself or suicide, a need to escape or leave, or a desire to do drugs (I usually just smoke weed but these thoughts were about hard drugs and a desire to be basically catatonic.) I was stuck in a very deep depression that debilitated me for about 6 months. I frequently used sage but it seemed to only help briefly. After moving out I felt like a new person; however, After moving all my items I feel like some of that negativity still lingers. I want to hear your experience and opinion on what you think this is. Is there any possibility it is demonic? Do you think this is an entity or just energy? Has anyone else experienced this?

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You might the victim of some baneful castings against you. I would definately do several rituals for shielding and banishment.

After my experience living in a bedroom community apartment for six years, I just don’t want to repeat it again, urgh.
Honestly, I don’t know if it was so much the apartment, but what happened, lingered for quite a while afterwards even when I left, even though a lot of my stuff ended up in storage.
I think a lot of of it was, leaving myself too open to pick up energy, and it messed me up really bad. When you have 11 other families in the same building that move in and out it isn’t so great, and some of them were pretty messed up I am sure.
The other part of that was work crushed my husband’s ego so he brought all the negativity home with him.
I don’t think in my case that any of the items sitting around picked up energy.

Do you know much about family curses? (i do not) But I’ve always thought we were cursed because it seemed if the odds in our favor were 1,000,000 to 1 my family (especially my mother) would be that one. She passed away about a month ago at 47, but had been suffering from various incurable health problems causing her to be in chronic, extreme pain for 6 years. I was living with her and taking care of her for that time. Looking back on it that seems like a very powerful binding spell of some sort. Could that type of energy affect me in such a way to cause problems without being directed at me?

@ollyalchemist it could be entirely possible that someone had cursed your parents, perhaps even a death hex or other family member and you have inherited the hex or it has been directed at you.

Many times and the reasons are unknown that the hex will carry on to other family members and sometimes for many decades. I do not believe in haunted houses or locations or ghosts. As you have moved and you are still experiencing the unexplained flashes of severe depression and other visions of harm it was not your former location that caused these events. What your describing fits a profile. I would definately focus on a protection, shielding and invisibility castings.