Danger, rouge thoughtform alert!

this is an experience i had early on in my practice a few years ago.

i was primarily evoking the Olympic spirit OCH, he was teaching me a whole buncha cool stuff about magic and such. in one of our lessons he decided it was time i went to the “Mystery School”. this is a very awesome place on the astral (in one of the realms Och governs) full of books on magic and the lost history of our species.

to get to the mystery school however was very interesting. Och declared that i only speak the words “bring me to the mystery school” and two of his servant angels would appear and take me there.
they DID. they would take hold of my spirit and literally carry me to the entrance.

this is where things got complicated. i thought for some reason that these spirits would stick around. so i decided to ask them questions about the school and the mysteries themselves.

as fact would have it they DID NOT stick around and i was actually talking, quite earnestly, to myself.

i realized that it was a problem when i asked them their names…they couldn’t answer for they had none, so they tried to invent names from my memories and learnings. now you have to understand that this was going on for the better part of a month and i would go to the mystery school daily and on my return talk to who i thought carried me there.

the subconscious mind can be a motherfucker guys… it was only when these invented spirits began to grow out of my control did the alarm bells start going off in my mind.

it was my own mental voice that alerted me, it said things like “those aren’t real” and “you made those” “GET RID OF THEM YOU FOOL!!”

so i did what had to be done. i called them close to me in a gentle embrace (i did not want to alert them to my true motives) spoke to them softly and began projecting my energy through them. i moved my energies in the form of a vortex in each of them, as i hugged them, and began unraveling their existence.

when they were fully destroyed and all energy had returned to me i felt another presence. i turned to find Och standing before me. he rapped my head with his knuckles and said something to the effect of " you’re an IDIOT, but not a stupid idiot so i’ll forgive this one. be more careful in the future."

just a lesson for you newbies, BEWARE WHAT YOU TALK TO AND BANISH CONSTANTLY!! you might’ve just fucked around like i did and accidentally created a rouge thoughtform on its way to becoming a spirit in its own right.

some of you TRULY green magicians out there may be wondering, “hey wisemanecho why is this so dangerous??”

the fact of the matter is that spirits created without a specified purpose pose a serious danger the the sanity of the magician. if they don’t know what to do, they may just to whatever they want to do including fucking with your mind and draining your energy. all entities are products of their environment, and if you are the type seeking power the thoughtform may just do the same. if you are the source of their power and existence they may seek to grow or evolve without checking in with you to see if its ok. this can be DISASTROUS especially in the hands of a novice who cant defend themselves.

so if you find yourself in the company of spirits you haven’t evoked, STOP take a step back mentally and ask who the fuck is this spirit and why is it here? if you cant decide what it is then call upon a trusted spirit to make the distinction for you (preferably something with its own sigil).