Danger danger! will robinson danger!

So, one thing I’ve noticed in the LHP community when researching the Goetia, people are fearful and blind to their own actions.

You cannot successfully evoke a spirit if you are fearful of the, respectful of them sure, but fear does not help you with the situation.

Everything always says “Danger” as if we didn’t already know we were summoning a “demon.”

I was so terrified to evoke King Paimon that I put it off for days and now I can say it’s changing my life for the better. I recently got a record contract to make beats for a record company in Denver. I’ve been seeing my third eye give off bright flashes of light like it’s opening again after all the damage that was done to it. I’ve been painting portraits and landscapes with ease, without even a second thought of if it is right in appearance.

All I can say is people should stop talking about the dangers of the Goetia, sure some spirits arent friendly but that does not mean they are dangerous, it means they won’t work for you for free and you may experience troubles as you proceed with the Goetia.

Anyway… Just had to rant, not even sure if this is where this post should go but I am 110% tired of people saying Danger danger instead of “Go for it!”

There is literally nothing to be scared of outside of your own imagination. People even mentioning to be cursed or of cursed marks, sure you may be cursed from your own doing but you chose to work with that specific demon and if you did your research, you should have known what would come with their help.

I’ve been recently looking into invoking Beelzebub as well as Lucifer to see which path I should take next and of course with research have found that Beelzebub isn’t just a “pawn” that can be used and may ask something of me in return for his help.