Dancing with dragons literally my experiences

I’ve been working through dancing with dragons by Conway, D.J. just want putting down my experiences with dragons this yesterday I’d had done a ritual call on dragon of fire tasked them with bring some sorts of change in my life the ritual went off without a hitch a gave my offer. no issues that noticed but the next day I’d decided to dance hopeing to attract the attention of dragons to give thanks. I was hopeing they would join in the dance in the hope of building a connection with them usually these dance are by myself and dragons just sit and watch but today they join the in this dance it was a very empowering experience I felt blissful like I was one with the dragons as there energy seem swirl around the room. My spirits were high and feel myself lost in the dance once I came back I gave the dragons and the Spirits that were present a offering of wine and when about my business overall very good experiences and very encouraging.


Oh ya sense I was working dragons of fire I went with streamers of a similar color for the dance I think it helped a lot.

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So I’ve been a lot of pain lately to the point where it hard to just lay down and sleep so decide to call upon the dragon did a ritual for water dragons.I don’t know if it’s there doing but my pain been alot more manageable as work throughout the day charged my blue candle with the pain I was feeling. I thought it would be good energy use. The ritual felt a bit faint but I could tell that dragon where present I gave them my request and let the candle burn. From the looks of thing the candle burned well and message came through

I plan to do more ritual wonder how things will go.