Dance / Ritual / Pose from Lilith? What is this?

While meditating with Lady Lilith, She had me close my eyes and showed me a pose and was very excited when I did it with Her enn being chanted. I don’t know what this pose is.

I can describe it best as hands / palms together, pointed up so your arms make a triangle around your head. Hard pose to hold for a while. Second part was to tilt the head back.


Anyone know what this is?


This is beautiful, the vibe I get from this right away is ‘as above so below’ and a masculine, fire energy. Its as if she’s showing you how to draw power from above into you. In yoga, when we lift our arms up like that, I believe we’re creating a clear channel/tunnel for energy to flow in. In other words, I think shes showing you how to draw masculine energy into yourself. What a gift :purple_heart::black_heart:


This is so wonderful… I am so glad.

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Is that not the position of the Flame? By meditating visualising a blue indigo flame of ascension. I don’t remember exactly, i practiced yoga long time ago


No idea, never done yoga! I wonder if She wanted me to absorb Her energy or something similar?

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