Damon Brand's Archangels of Magick

Question about the Sigil Ritual:

After the Ritual Opening and gazing at the sigil and saying the Words beneath the sigil we say the Archangels name 3 times, and then say “it is done” and close the ritual. So far so good.

What if before closing I open another Angels sigil for a different power, do I go through the same process? Or just Say the Angels name 3 times and not the words (because the words are the same)

The author mentioned we can combine and call up as many Angels we want, but did not go into detail how. I personally think it would be better if we do seperate ritual for each power because it involves evoking emotions during ritual (about the situation we want to change) and doing so about the completely different emotions within the same ritual would weaken the results. Correct me if I am wrong please.

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If I remember correctly, you need to go through the entire ritual process for each angel you want to call upon.

I’ve used that book for several years. Working with an angel is as inviting a person into your home-dwelling. It’s a bit odd, disconnected to invite bunches of guests into your home at once (compared to waiting a bit).
Give an hour between working and that is ideal.


Do it on another day, you cannot be focused in mind and thought, nor put yourself int he correct state if it is the same ritual.

It is better to wake from sleep and have a fresh start, concentrating on one thing for better success.

Id even give it a week personally.

This is my own opinion. I personally only wait until there is a real need, we must try to also help ourselves to a degree

You wouldnt fire a nuke because you’re struggling with your tax return… nor would you fire all your nukes at once