Damon Brand Cashbook?

I am considering asking Nitika for money.

However, someone already owes me money. He would give it to me anytime I asked for it.
My brother is holding the last little bit of an inheritance he and I received.

If I asked Nitika to bring me money, she/he/it (are genius spirits boys or girls or what pronoun do I use?) wouldn’t just get my brother to send me the money.

That would be no good, I want money that is not already mine.

I did a working with Psalms/Candle/Divine Names with Psalms 8 and Rechmial for help with a side hustle I want more customer to visit and buy at.

Would Nitika be able to help out with that?
Would Nitika muck up the water?

How much magick is too much magick on the same problem, I guess is what I am asking.

Go to the Law and money section man, ask Lady_Eva to move it.

Edit: There’s also a whole bunch of threads about this guy and this particular book. Are you sure they didn’t already answer your questions?


Good question. The other threads said to be wide open wtih how it would come. (even on other forums it says pretty much the same - because Nitika comes up in Google queries through blog posts and Nitika is mentioned in a few different Wicca forums)

I am trying to determine if Nitika would know that the inheritance money was already mine or would Nitika just see that as the easiest way to put money in my pocket and cause my brother to send it to me.
(that money is sort of a nest egg I am leaving in case I ever have to run off, or if I want a down payment on a house or something)

You have to look at it from Nitika’s perspective. If you ask for a certain amount of money, and you already have that amount of money available to you, the spirit is going to look at you and go," but you already have it." Spirits don’t always get the nuance of human thinking.

However, the cash book is generally only useful for small amounts of cash. It’s not going to bring you waves of money (or a really large amount, for that matter) so I don’t think you have to worry if you are contacting Nitika through this particular method.

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OK, so I need a more sustained, large amount of cash. This “side hustle” I am talking about has not been what I wanted it to be but it could be with just a little help.

So I did a Psalm 8/Candle/Divine Name (Rechmial) prayer for 3 days after sunset.
I haven’t even checked on it to see if more visitors have come and if they have bought anything. (side hustle is a website) (people have bought in the past)
and I also turned back on my Bing Ads and Google Adwords campaigns so there is more targeted traffic)

Anyway, I have given Rechmial a pretty easy way to give me what I want. What else can I be doing to assist this process.

I really am trying to figure out a way to get a Blessing on this site. Or is talking to Rechmial the same thing as a blessing.

Also, I am not in competition with the forum or this website. There is no magick on my site.