What does it mean to you?

I still have my Christian upbringing floating in my mind. I’ve dove headfirst into the abyss over the last few months, and if I’m damned in a biblical sense (I doubt that), then so be it.

But what are your thoughts?

To me it means that I am in a dangerous transition state. It is either sink or swim, I either drown in power that I cannot control or I rise up through the fire as a Living God.

To be damned is to be beyond hope. There is no hope, only you and your actions are responsible for making your life what it is. No one is coming to save you, the only happy endings are the ones you make for yourself. Being damned replaces hope with certainty in yourself, weakness wih confidence. It’s hell of a road to travel (pun intended) but will lead you on the path of self discovery.

At this point, to me, I figured it to mean that someone who is damned is all alone. By that, I mean, there is no one who cares for you that is going to step in and over ride/wipe away your bad decisions or actions.

As always, I could very easily be wrong.

Being damned is going to mean various things depending on who you ask…at this point if that’s what being damned means to you then I think its perfectly fitting.