Damned if I do

So let me start off by saying, I don’t share this to elicit pity. I fell in love with someone who treats me awfully, they’ve been cheating on me from the start, they ignore me almost constantly, and as a whole say they love me and care to get my heart up and then do actions to purposely hurt me. I began to try whatever I could to fix it, spells, pathfinding, summoning, but nothing has worked. Then a couple weeks ago I felt like I began to make progress, they were really nice to me, and we were able to make plans. Then they stood me up several times in a row and one of those days being my birthday. I don’t know if I did something wrong, or anything because they refuse to talk to me.
I need something to work, I tried summoning Sallos and everything, but no dice. I’m too empty and disheartened.
I am kind of looking for reverse results, or to treat this like a car payment, where I get it and I always come back. I’ve tried making pacts in the past, I’ve tried everything I could think of, everything suggested to me. I’ve summoned Beleth, Dantilion, conversed via pathfinding to Daglues, Astaroth and a myriad of others nothing’s worked.
As you can tell, I’m not in a good place, at all! I did, however, have an epiphany in the bathroom, I wondered if I could trade like my life beyond a certain amount of time, for what I want. Like if I would definitely die at a certain age in return for what I need. Is this a good option, I’m running out, and as I said, not in a good place.

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Um…no. That’s Hollywood stuff. You can’t sell time off of your life. You might as well offer to sell your soul.

Also, to clarify, when you say “pathfinding,” do you actually mean pathworking?

I tried selling my soul, no dice.
And yes, I’m sorry, pathworking.

Hey mate… this seems more like a toxic relationship than anything else. And the key to toxic relationships is that you want to go on.

So the only thing that is really going to work is to work on yourself. Period. By whatever means you like, but work on yourself so you can move on. Otherwise, you will always be in the same spot, but things will get worse and worse.


I appreciate the concern. However, I want this person and I could deal with everything if I wasn’t ignored and stood up.

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I mean, this song pretty much sums it up from the sound of it. You aren’t going to fix this with any amount of magick.


There’s absolutely nothing that I could do to remedy this?

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Unless you start doing ritual to help yourself break the connection and move on with your life, you will just stay stuck where you are now.


Meaning that, the behavior will always stay the same no matter what I try? As I said before, I just can’t deal with the ignoring and the standing up and the like, the rest I can manage.

Pretty much, yeah. You can’t change a person like that, especially not from your position. You have psychologically tied yourself into your version of an idealized version of her that you have ingrained in yourself. Even if you see the problems on the surface, your sense of Self Preservation is completely depleted and won’t let you escape due to your perceived desire for this one singular person. Ontop of all that your proximity and list for results will self sabotage any magically undertaking you attempt. You must work within yourself before you can ever even think of being able to change someone else.


So earlier today in a different post you said:

…and now 9 hrs later:

Are you even giving your work time to manifest??? I understand you’re low, depressed and whathaveyou, but if you’re going to do magick, give it some time to work on your partner.

Never…ever let anyone bring you down to the point to where you can’t function mentally. They’re living their life, doing them, not even showing you the respect and consideration you deserve for your birthday, etc and you’re
empty and disheartened over them. No. Don’t let this person do this to you. Don’t stand for it. At all.

If you’re going to do magick, you can’t come into it with the attitude you have. Period. You can’t put a time limit on magick. You can’t just say, “I want so and so back NOW” (paraphrasing) and expect the spirits, universe, whatever to just be like, “Ok🤷🏾‍♀️, here you go.” The situation needs to be assessed…your request or petition goes to whatever spirit…the spirit has to decide if they even want to help you or not…if they do want to help, they have to again, assess the situation, figure out the best way to get you what you want, rearrange things, shift things around etc to get your desire to manifest. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time to do all of that.

This situation can also be a sign from the spirits that you need to rethink being involved with this person. Brutal lesson, but for your own good.

Good luck with everything💐

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I couldn’t get through when I tried to talk with Sallos. I’m too down. Typically certain things come naturally, and whereas I struggle, I can feel and assess what I’m being told. This time that didn’t happen. I understand faith is important to have and typically I can fight through to have it, not this time, and I’ll ask for something to hang onto while stuff comes, but I can’t even ask for that this time.

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Leave. Start over. Make your life better.

Yeah, I would suggest leaving at this point. Human beings are creatures often ruled by their habits. Failing once may be forgiveable (life is messy) but this just sounds like a vicious cycle that will not end pretty. Best to just move on to kinder fishing spots my friend.

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Not to troll the forum on psychology, but I think this is yet another time where working with archetypes would be useful. While this is traditionally viewed as a “male” archetype, it applies to both genders (for anyone interested in working with them). You can use them as a tool for mediation, self reflection, or even evocation or invocation if you so desire. In your case, it sounds like the Lover would be a good route to go with, although the other four would be wise too.

Keep in mind, this channel uses films as a way to explain the archetypes. I am in no control of language used nor am I suggesting that themes in those films express your situation. But I thought this may be a springboard of thoughts for you to use to heal yourself

If that’s really how you want to follow through, you’d better start using Magick to work your self-love, ground yourself a bit more, find a place of calm within the eye of the storm, and then you can use magick to try and get them back, also, I’d recommend working with Sitri when you’re at this stage

The Heart is no slave to the Mind. May it be an equal, would you let someone treat you this way? Even if it is a God of Gods, if you wish for liberty and freedom, stand up for yourself. Love has no point when it makes you less than what you are, you love to fly higher, not to sink. As for selling your soul, your lifespan, your whatever, is it even worth it? Do not ask your heart, ask yourself as a whole. If you cannot fight for yourself, surely no magic will.
Wishing you the best.

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Welcome @MJB, Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick, It is a rule of this forum.

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Umm I believe I already did so. I posted that awhile ago. My post was on August 20.

Get a new boyfriend.

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