Damn, I've had a shitty week

Since my recent promotion, within a day of it I had a tooth abscess. It was really infected to I got it pulled. Being jacked up from that for a couple days I just now came down with the flu. I don’t believe in karma but I did make some huge changes in my life with magick, Could this be the universe around me trying to rebalance itself or is this a test of will?

I can’t remember if it was on this forum or in an interview where EA said there were a couple of things that happen when people start to get further in their life with majick.
1.Something small with your car or finacialy.
2.Your health will seem to suffer.

If this is what’s going on with you try and look at it as “growing pains”

Hope this helps!

I think the more logical explanation is the abscess and surgery left your immune system weakened which let a common and highly contagious illness such as the flu get a foot in the door so to speak.

Thinking that things are happening for a spiritual reason is like giving permission for it to happen or invite trouble. If your unsure do a divination and see if it is in fact some type of spiritual backlash, most likely its not. This kind of stuff is about as common as someone being legitimately cursed. A lot of people think its happens more than it really does.