Damn it Eric


on 34:40 in EA’s soul travel course section 4, i was so enthralled in trance and when he clapped i jumped and screamed.

Thanks Eric, much appreciated.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that experienced that! I jumped and threw my fists up haha.


Is the content downloadable now? or U have 2 only watch online?


Then he just laughed like “I know i gotcha hahaha jokes on you”


i don’t think so. I watch it online sooo


I’ve only been able to watch online. I looked for a download option but couldn’t find one.


There are unauthorized and illegal ways to download them but if i just save the online page for offline viewing it does the same thing and i can still watch the videos.


I’m not one to exploit the holes in coding even though i can. It just leaves a bad taste in the mouth imo.