Damn Haters lol

So i was going to buy Ea’s book thingy free trial but am broke and living with my christian mom (not very apprtizing to any self respecting daemon/god eh?XD) and decided to say fuck you to my christian conditioning of “DISOBEY GOD AND SHIT HAPPENNS TO YOU BECAUSE GOD LOVES YOU ENOUGH TO SEND YOU TO HELL MOTHERFUCKER. ALSO I CAN CURSE BECAUSE REASONS EVEN THOUGH IM CHRISTIAN” and type into youtube “Ea koetting Fake” and was rewarded for my venture into becoming a more intellectual “wolf” rather than a sheep (btw sorry for exessive cursing and sexuality but BEING NOT CHRISTIAN ROCKS XXXD. If you cant tell the only christianity related question i have is why didnt i do this sooner XD) anyway back on point i searched the aforementioned topic and was rewarded with hilarity (seriously search the shit its fucking funny as hell) and came across a video titled why ea isnt a living god by someone called “The Artchemist” (cool name tho). now this isnt a hate post or a ea is god praise him type of shit. i just wanted to say that the video creator had no idea what she was talking about (and apparently is christian or thinks demons are evil XDXD) and basically made me laugh at her ignorance. the comments were hilarious as well (more so than the original video which i believe was made with good intentions unlike the comments). anyway the thing that spawned the idea of this in my head was this specific comment which shall not be named but basically said “Big talk from a guy who disables his comments” which ea doesnt. THoughts and contribution welcome but none of the “HAHA ST0PID PPL R ST0PID” shit

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Bro I totally feel you my mom called me EVIL SLAVE TO SATAN ALL THE SHITTY NAMES she even told me she would send me to A MENTAL hospital Christian people don’t understand WE DONT WANT TO SUCK GODS DICK we are our own gods so my sibling of darkness you are not alone

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Why don’t you send your mother to a mental Hospital, just ring up a psychiatrist on behalf of your mother, be nice and say my mother Is suffering from delusions she is claiming she is seeing god, and she is paranoid skitzo and also she hears voices.


I never get the book.
So i can’t say whats in there. -Which means that i can’t have an opinion on the ebook.
I’m tired of the so called “customer service”.

Sounds to me like the bastard egregore he is, but what do i know.
~He basicly ate the mind of your mother.

@Bowling270 and @dagar We joke about this kind of stuff but it is possible to get someone thrown in jail for being nuts if they are your parents. You would have to research it but its called something like “The baker’s act”? I am not sure. Either way though, be prepared for the repercussions if you do such a thing because I think that along with getting rid of her craziness, she may not be around for a income source either.

There is literally nobody doing anything worth a damn in this world that doesn’t have haters, some really dedicated and obsessed, on their case, and these days the internet gives everyone a voice and the chance to attract like-minded onlookers.

Live your own life, stop worrying about other people, your parents or whoever are just trying to do their best in a fucked up world, if you can’t exercise the power to be financiall independent then you’re probably in no position to start calling the person who feeds and houses you mentally imcompetant.

Sprry if that’s harsh, but believe me I’d be fucking you up worse to encourage such beliefs and lead you down the path of delusion.


I was just pointing out that ea is legit and people cant say anything bad about him because theres nothing there to say.

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Mike are you an attorney?

No. I’m not.

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