Daily Rituals, Regular Rituals? Not so regular rituals? Share them Here :-)

Hi Everyone, for the past couple of months I have been fairly consistent in doing daily rituals.

These rituals are:

  1. An affirmation from Louise Hay’s Book of Daily Affirmations
  2. Protection rituals from Ben Woodcroft’s Angelic Protection Book
  3. Utilizing protection powder i.e. talc powder mixed with cinnamon which is applied to my body
  4. LBRP
  5. Recently a member here shared with me some tips and I have started to use Robert Bruce’s core affirmation up to 4 times daily
  6. I try to remind myself to be immensely grateful for at least ONE thing daily
  7. I shower a minimum of twice daily and it is only after showering I do most of the rituals
  8. I light incense daily e.g. sage, F&M, lotus etc.
  9. I soak basil, sage etc. in various alcohol based purification waters e.g. Florida Water, Kananga Water, Bay Rum etc. and apply to my body after showering

Interested to know what types of daily rituals or just regular rituals you all do and why. Thanks in advance for sharing.


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Oooooo this’ll be a fun thread

So I typically start my morning around 4am with some none verbal music, just inspirational motivational or energetic. I’ll visualize EXACTLY what I want today to manifest. Then I’ll go on a jog. Literally while I jog I’ll reach an endorphin release from crazy on high that empowers my visualization and the music helps too. Everything is vibration lol.

Most may not but I consider this a daily ritual of mine that keeps my at where I want to be with all my other decisions throughout the day. Keeps me aligned with everything working for me.