Daily Practice

Good evening BALG,

I have been thinking about my daily practices and how they have changed over the years sense I started practicing magic all those years ago. They have changed along with the changes in my personal philosophy, from daily prayer and LBRP/LHR to what I do today.

I have noticed that they all have had some form of meditation and energy work. So what do your daily practices look like?

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Currently this is what I do on an average day. This changes depending on if I achieve a breakthrough, accomplish a goal, or need to re-evaluate for some other reason. These adjustments seem to occur a few times per year. Usually this just means working on new projects and doesn’t change the majority of what I do.


  1. Dream Journal
  2. Visualize Goals
  3. Physical Exercise

During the Day

  1. Meditate (currently tulpa creation)
  2. Make notable progress on some project (consecrate or make tools, research/study, practice a skill, review my notes on something, etc.)


  1. Visualize Goals
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I don’t have any real daily practices. Sessions with familiar spirits on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. And I volunteer almost every day at a botanica, where the owner and I perform client work. I cleanse now and then, and do the I am Solar solar banishing for extra energy, but nothing regular.

Maybe 5 days in any 7, I do my Stoicheia thing from Flower’s book, followed by invocation of my inner divine (I’m constantly re-writing that but the basics stay the same), and every day I check in with, at least, my “Godself” (the former Personal Daemon, he’s evolving at a rate) and a few other entities.

It’s evolved insofar as I no longer feel I can’t use magick for help with my own problems unless I’m giving back at an equal rate by doing healing and stuff, although I do still like to do things for other people - I don’t feel burdened by it unlike before, when I felt like it was the only way to “deserve” my ability.

That was the biggest change, followed by the time I stopped calling on any external godnames during my work (around Summer 2012), other things are more incremental.

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Right now, my daily practice consists of the exercises related to my prosperity work. In the morning, I perform banishing followed by the 5 Rites, also called the 5 Tibetans, after which I do some breath work.

About an hour or so after breakfast, I do the chakra exercise from Questing After Visions, and the Ah meditation. Later in the afternoon I do the character meditation from Psionic Supervillain.

Around 2am, I evoke.

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I do things irregularly, but when I do I happen to do them in places/at certain times.

So when I say I do something, I do it in that general time period.


  1. Assessment of dreams.
  2. Assumption of the Characters (Joker, Magneto, and a demon warrior.)
  3. Feed.


  1. Feed.
  2. Attuning into the area’s energy to pick up strings of thought and view minds.
  3. Up my defenses, talk to some entities, basic energy work.
  4. Major spellwork.


  1. Soul Travel
  2. Converse with Belial.
  3. Assumption of the Dragon.
  4. Alignment with Planetary Bodies.
  5. Half-hour possession by Belial.


  1. Soul Travel to feed.
  2. Project to Belial and learn from him.
  3. Let in through my defenses as many entities as I feel like it.
  4. Kill said entities.
  5. Cast to determine their nature as I devour their power.
  6. Scrape at what’s attacking Defectron, but rarely. The dude has hundreds of thousands (I guessed at the number) of entities waiting to kill him. They’re good target practice, considering some of the stuff is stronger than a King Ifrit.

Early Morning

  1. Invent new exercises and meditations.
  2. Feed.
  3. Do a little divination to determine if targets are sleeping then strike.

That’s about it, folks.


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I’m still totally new to doing this seriously, and the Marine Corps cuts into a -lot- of my time. But I -make- time. Here’s the closest there is to “typical” right now:

Early morning-

Wake up, shower and drag the night’s dreams from my memory. Effort at recalling dreams lends itself to easier recall in the future! If you’re new to this stuff, begin trying it, it’s entirely non-magical but the mental exercise is invaluable, and you will see results within days! Some dreams are more significant than just “dreams”, and you’ll probably know them when you have them (with me they take no effort to recall most of the time anyway), but even regular-ass mundane dreams can reveal valuable information about the unconscious aspects of your psyche if you take the time to understand your own symbolism (which personal symbolism incidentally is extremely valuable in your future magickal works). Remember Pythagoras recalling the inscription from the temple at Delphi: “Man, KNOW THYSELF, and thou wilt know both the universe and the gods.”

At work-

Meditations when I’m able (i.e. lunch, pretty much). They’re invaluable for plenty of non-magickal reasons, and certainly for magickal ones as well. At this writing I’m wrapping up a long personal commitment to spend five days apiece meditating on each of the Elder Futhark runes (preferably five times a day, I’ve had to settle for three some days), but rest assured when this work is done I will find another target to place before my sights (already have, to be vaguely truthful)! Goals met need to be replaced with new and higher ones: failure to advance beyond contented successes ends civilizations, and it will end you, too, if you stagnate.

Home from work in the evening -

Personal PT! A strong body is a strong mind is a strong body. That and making my own dinner, relaxing with music etc. serve as a sort of spiritual “detox” from the mindless bureacratic environment that is the US military.

Check the forum for inspiration, maybe even post if I have anything worthwhile (humour is worthwhile too…right…?) to say.

Continue my runic meditations at intervals while reading “light”, i.e. intellectually and thoughtfully stimulating but not really “magickal”.

Night -

When I’ve concluded my rune meditations for the day, I’ll again spend a little time reading something before I retire to my bedroom to spend some time at the altar I set up for Odin. I’ll light a couple of candles, make sure his drink’s topped off, some nights bring a drink of my own, and open my mind up to commune better with him. I’m not going to get detailed, but right now for instance he’s really putting me through the wringer in getting me to overcome ideals of “instinctive, creative spontaneity, being ‘sound’ enough to react to whatever I encounter, enjoying the surprises of living as the wind carries me” and have some real lessons in strategy and planning -everything- to happen in my life. I think the lesson could very well be different for someone who is elsewhere in life, but that’s what I need to develop more and Odin is a very complex and versatile god: he’s the paragon of both passionate fury and wily shrewdness. And it’s this strategic mastery specialty of his as a warlord that means my altar time with him now involves some serious meditation in ironing out goals way into the future.

After this I’ll hit the sack and do the same basic thing the next day.

Weekends are my time to rest and recover physically, but really hit the books magickally and more often than not commit the weekend to one good ritual for one of my goals. For awhile I only banished when things became a real problem because I did prefer to ‘tough it out’ in exchange for all the energy hanging around, but now that working with Odin is (slowly, sure, but I’ll take it!) awakening my spiritual skills and sensibilities more and more I plan to try every other weekend and see how I like that. The Allfather isn’t going anywhere, and with good patronage and increasing abilities, I have -no- need to put up with spiritual hassles and astral freeloaders just to use some extra energy I can do just fine without.

Things will change as I progress, but that’s how things stand for now!

Edit - Jeezus. Hi, I’m Claidheam. I’m and alcholic, and I also like to write obscenely long run-on sentences that just go on and on with no apparent end for the sake of rhythm and cadence even when all common sense says I should really stop.

Sorry, lol.

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Run-on sentences are awesome! They let me get all my drabbles and insane works out.

Morning: write down dreams, stretch a tad then meditate
After work: exercise
Night: evocation of Hecate, or evocation of another entity, or Qlippothic work. These are just the main three I alternate between most of the time. I list Hecate specifically because I work with her continually and more than I do other entities. A few times a week I’ll also leave offerings to local nature spirits, and recently began doing the same for the dead.

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Morning: Recalling Dreams (If I don’t have an Appointment I practice “the Phase”)
Day: I do the “Key of SOL” meditation over the whole Day (when ever i notice i lost it)
Change work using NLP and “stuff” for Clients and myself.
Skrying into Air/sigil/Mirror (I do Progressively more work with Spirits)
Night: working an not loosing consciousness while I enter Sleep.
And Starting in the 1. April I have a 4 Month long Pathworking through the Elements.
(Can be found and Critiqued In the Elemental Magick: The Natural Path section)

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