Daily demonic banishing rituals

OK, so I got a couple of ideas listed but I need to get this done ASAP so what kind of banishing I’m looking for right ?

I do not want to get rid of beneficial, good spirits that can be protective but I need to get rid of bad detrimental energy and the home in it’s been attracting so much bad luck , negativity, etc And is in need of a serious deep cleansing ritual at least once a week and then a daily banishing to maintain the cleanliness.

Does anyone have a clue for what type a ritual that can help clearing improve focus and getting rid of unwanted thoughts. All the while it also works too remove harmful or detrimental energy and entities. But only allows, good, beneficial spirits to remain.

Any thoughts or general idea what I can do on a daily basis I want to keep the minimum and I only use tools when it requires a long drawn out ritual.


Not sure if it is meant for or will work exactly what you want it for, but at the start of my practice I did Michael W. Ford’s “Casting The Circle Of The Dragon” (from The Bible Of The Adversary) every morning for about a year (and a day ^^) to summon some key chaotic energies for influence, gain some focus and direction on my new path and to simply have some practice and discipline in ritual work.

I’ll have to double check when I am near my bookcase again. If I remember it all correctly: What had drawn me to this ritual is that it is not designed to banish anything, rather meant to focus the mind and build your own power through calling some key energies of the demonic feminine and masculine and Qliphothic correspondences.
I don’t think it was described clearly in the book, but I’ve found it very effective (energy wise) when putting the emphasis on posture, breath and vibration

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And another addition because this just has me thinking of the start of my practice and my road so far…
(Cue: “Carry On Wayward Son”)

While cleansing and banishing is very valuable to know and definitely the thing you want to get good at when first starting an occult practice ESPECIALY when dealing with a lot of infernal and chthonic entities, it’s also a bit of an crutch sometimes. A focus on something external, when what you really need to do is address an internal matter.

My advice, one big and powerful cleansing and banishing operation every once in a while and a daily ritual for building your power, practice and direction rather than a daily cleansing and banishing.
You banish a lot more “negativity” and bad luck by building up and being convinced of your own strength and power.

About a month ago, I felt like I was under a crossed condition. Things went wrong one thing after another. My partner felt there was a negative presence in the house watching her.

I started performing a 33 days protection ritual by Gallery of Magick. After a week, bad luck stopped and we both started feeling at ease.

I have done this ritual a few years ago. You can do it once every year or so. The book also contains daily banishing ritual for protection and ability to be easily seen by the spirits you contact.

I hope it helps.


You could try doing simplified LBRP without visualisation of pentagrams in directions. I do the one from yasmins clauneck book, it works fine u can even call on all archangels included in same book but simplified. Like u only imagine a white light in east and call on archangels, its so easy and it works

Actually, I did read something about the whole sometimes we get generally bad luck and I’ll be honest with you. That’s exactly what it’s been feeling like since I’ve been here. But so much stuff has happened in the past week I’m just really shocked by what happened, but I spell a cast about a week and a half ago manifest it rather quickly, but it opened up a whole can of worms. I was not expecting but it had to be done.

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I hope it works out for you.

Consider invoking Air while banishing the other 3 elements with a LRP, then an invocation with a GRP to an Airy spirit to purify your mind while again banishing the other elements - perhaps Zamradiel in Gemini?

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