Dagger of inanna of calling

Hi I have Necronmicon and am planing to envoke Enki but I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a copper dagger of inanna of calling or even a copper dagger in the UK

I’ve looked high and low for ones that that were already made, with no luck. Your best bet will be to make it yourself if you have the skill, or you will have to search online for people, or shops, that will make custom knives and have them make you one.

Thats what I was hoping to find ready made but i have had no luck either I think your right and it will need to be custom made, its worth doing though, thanks anyway reaper182

In my town, anyway, sheets of copper are readily available at the craft store. It’s highly malleable as is, so some metal shears, a hammer, and anything you want to use to shape it around will see you quite able, with a little trial and error, to make your own. Either wooden or some other grips, or just hammer back a tang to twist around itself and file away any sharp edges where you’d grip it.

I did some research on this and came to the same conclusion as Claidheam and Reaper182.

I did find one reference to a craftsman who would do the work that seemed to have good references. So it might be possible to find someone to do it. I do not have any contact information though.