Daemonic Tongue help?

Hey guys, I have recently been reading “The Black Witch” by Enoch Petrucelly, and he says that you can use the Daemonic Tongue to make your own invocations and spells. But what confuses me is how, because he says when you write it you dont write out English words, and he doesn’t give any instructions for making you own invocations or spells so could someone help me understand how to use it?

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I’ve believed that Infernal demons speak a dialect of -real- enochian not the human watered down form of angelic enochian. But it does help to write the spell or evocation down in english first then translate it over to demonic tongue (atleast what is thought to be)


Can you explain it in a little more detail? Like, if I write It in English, I don’t know what words would work, as I don’t understand how the language (Daemonic Tongue) works.

Like, could you give an example?

You don’t need it cause in Chaos magic the only thing what Counts is the intent of the witch. So write something down in the demonic tongue tell the Gods its significance and seal it :wink: that grimoire is excellent. Enoch has vids in his Youtube channel for further inspiration

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An old user evoked an angel and talked about it. Turns out, enochian is still not “full-on angel language” either, though it gets closeish.

One of my succubi tried to teach me a language that she said that was a language of demons, but someday I decided to put the words in the detect language function of google translator, and I found out that it was a mixture of words from various languages, with jokes included


I don’t have the book. So this reply may be pointless, but:

@Velenos and many others before him have said on this forum that that particular language is a form of Enochian.
If you believe this also, then you could

1.look at one of the incantations Enoch has given in the book and
2.look up in an Enochian dictionary if you can find a word that resembles it and
3.look if the translation of that Enochian word would make sense in the way it is supposedly used in the book, and then you can
4.take the symbol that represents that word in the book, and then you
5.repeat these steps untill you have formed a sentence

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Yeah, it’s more of a watered down form of it.

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