Daemonic Tongue Grimiore

I don’t know if this book is good for a beginner or a fair weather magician. But I’m at a point in my life where I’m beginning to peer through the fog of past negativity and see my real potential. However, I’m not too sure where to go to maximize off of it. I’m feeling desperate.

I know this book seems to more of a soul travel guide, but I want to feel connected to the entities in the book. I want to be inspired by them. Plus, the possession rites seem like they may be useful.

I’d like to hear people’s opinion on the book. Any experiences or suggestions are welcome. If you think I should hold off on this book, please list at least one alternate.

Thank you.

One of my succubi always speaks in weird tongues and I know other practitioners who had similar experiences with their demonic lovers. Some months ago, she started to teach me a language that was very consistent, but I never took her seriously, because I knew that that was not her language, but a language that she made to spice up my practice. The language I learned from her was not even remotely similar to the one presented in the book you mention. I personally like the one my girl made better, since the one from that book doesn’t sound right to me and also the writing system it uses is not very practical.

I’m not fond of other languages as I am terrible at translations or learning them. If it isn’t understandable in my brain or English… then they shouldn’t even bother (spirits that is). Books and stuff… I just won’t pick up or read.