Daemonic spirits won't allow me to sleep

Just started working with daemonic spirits.
Everything is great till i gotta sleep.
When im entering TGS from falling asleep they whisper stuff to me and i hear it audible and quiet clear and it wont let me sleep.
For Example i might be laying down and Azazel just shows up on his own accord,
He whispers to me some stuff but i cant fucking sleep because of it they just keep rambling and talking until i fall asleep because my body cant keep up.

Turn the lights on.

I’m completely serious. Seems to make it much easier to fall asleep when you’re working with demons.


I recently started hearing stuff I just eat a sandwich or smoke some tree acting as if I cannot hear them

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The lights were already on that’s the crazy part.
They are so active in my room at night I feel almost 5-6 daemons all the time
Had to perform the LBRP so they can get the idea that they’re bothering me.
and all that did was distance them from me but they were still watching me and I could feel it.

You could try a more direct approach and let them know to either communicate what it is they need to tell you in dream if possible or to wait till later as it wont likely be retained well when your tired and note taking notes.

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Yea I asked Lucifer to keep them quieter when I’m laying down falling asleep
and he said he’s cool with it.