Daemonic language

I’m talking about Enoch B. Petrucelly’s grimiore. I’m having trouble understanding the daemonic language, particularly what it’s used for and how to use it. I’ve been practicing the focus rites and preliminary rituals by just reading off the invocations. As in passively reading as opposed to actively knowing what they mean.

He has demos posted on his yt channel of using the opening rituals and such in the book.

So if you go there you can see how he does it and how he pronounces things.


It has been my experience that written representations of demonic languages are based on human interpretations of languages that are not written, but only spoken by demons. Having a general idea of what a given phrase means, but not knowing the exact meaning of each part has been good enough in my practices. When one speaks demonic languages, it is hard to miss for most demons out there and attracts all sorts of attention to the practitioner. Angels have a written language, but as far as I know demons rely on a spoken language only. When one speaks a demonic language, one will feel the impact of the words if it is done correctly.

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Is it in anyway similar to pigeon?

I am not familiar with the book, but demonic language is nothing like pidgin.