Daemon with sigil that looks like Bune or paimon

Alright so I was talking to an Arch Daemon or a higher up Daemonic spirit in a dream we were talking casually about sex and then he brought up That I should work with this Daemon problem is I can’t remember his name from the dream I only remember a couple things.

One this Daemons name starts with an R
Two his sigil looks like a mix of king paimon and Bune’s sigil.
He is a good Daemon to work with if You don’t know shit about magick and need a base to start.
Three he is a Master at Sigil magick and can teach you anything you want about sigils.
Four he is associated with the Goetia I don’t know if he is within that domain but all I know is that he is Directly related with the Goetia or Daemons of the Goetia.
Five and if this helps he looks like a slim guy with spiked up hair he’s pretty skinny.

If you guys can help me that would be great.

(Update: think is name is Rarra- or Rar- something can’t remember the rest)

I’m just going to name demons off the top of my head that begin with R:

Rosier, Raum, Ronove, Rahovart

Those are the ones I immediately think of related to the Goetia. Rosier, I think, is from the Dukante demons. He was in The Complete Book of Demonolatry. I may add more from different paths as I think of them. That should get you started though. Look into those demons and see if one of them resonate with you, as the one you should contact or not.

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