Daemon time correspondence with 11am

Would love it if someone could help me out, I’ve been searching for the times corresponding with demons with no success. Does anyone know which daemon is linked to 11am?

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they are not linked to time but when they have time to be present in the mundane world.
Because they life in a other realm then us and have still there own work and life there.

And which demon it can be do you feel a pull to a specific demon?

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They are actually, I understand the spirit world is outside of time but demons have their own day and time they correspond to which is why I’m looking for a source to see. I don’t feel drawn to any particular deity for the time I’m looking for. I found a really cool site listing all this and then it went missing from Google…typical!

Clauneck’s day it’s Tuesday
Azazel it’s Saturday
Lucifer its Sunday
I hope that this info helps🙂