DAEMON INVOCATION RITUAL - Barbatos (my 1st ever)

I started out on the 4 February 2019 Neu Mond /New Moon evening drawing a Sigil of a positive statement for an appointment on the 5th of February which was worrying me.

So I drew the Sigil I thought up and the appointment went really really well. So I began to surf in the internet about Magic and tried out some Elemental Magic. The Element Earth really felt good to me. Then I read about Amulets and Talismans and Smudging Prayers. It all made me feel very positive. However, I remembered an old enemy I wanted to get revenge on and first of all read about Protection Spells and raising Shields empowering my Aura. So it was all White Magic stuff. Then I couldn’t resist researching into how to Curse someone and only found the WiKi Poppet Curse Spell. Which seemed a bit weak without a Spirit to call on to make the Spell work or so I thought. This led me off into Demonology topics.
I have not carried out the Curse Spell yet though because of the worry of Karma and it coming back to me. One cold evening later I was out on my patio brooding about how and whether to cast a Curse Spell (including whether I had to make a pact with Satan etc) when I felt a presence in the darkness near me. It seemed to be asking me if I really wanted to do this curse and sort of whether I was prepared to pay the price. Then on my left I heard some really creepy heavy raspy breathing about 2 Metres away from me in the dark. This really scared me. Now we have foxes here in the countryside so after dashing back into the house I put it down to that. Also I read about Quantenfeldtheorie which made me think about my perception of reality. BUT there was definitely something some energy there and it wasn’t a happy little faery…Then I surfed about Demons (with the curse in mind) and came across the Ars Goetia which didn’t make much sense to me like White Magick did. So I put the Curse to the back of my mind.

The next time I walked my dog in the forest I felt a shift in the Veil, everything seemed sharper, to have edges and I thought it would be nice to be able to connect with spirits. Then I read about Pendulum magic and on 28 Feb I dug out my Pendulum and hung it on a chain and tried it out. Well it worked straight away. At first I was trying to make contact to a Spirit Guide / Mentor. The being said it didn’t like being called my spirit guide !!. So I asked 'Are you a Demon?’ and the pendulum swung YES. Also Yes to being a Warlock. AND when I asked ‘Are you Cruel’ it answered YES Anyway I started to get afraid and creeped out yet again. I was curious as I felt it was a male being, when I asked are you man /woman it bobbed but when I asked ‘Are you male’ it answered YES!
THEN, I decided to find out the Name of the being I had been communicating with. I asked the being ‘How many letters are in your name?’ - I held the Pendulum over a plastic baking bowl expecting it to knock on the back and the fore sides but it only tapped on the front of the bowl EIGHT times and then stopped. As I don’t own a Ouija Board yet and the spirit didn’t want to tap for every Letter of the alphabet so I stopped the session. The next day I found a list of Demons in the Internet and wrote down all the names with EIGHT letters. Then I asked using the Pendulum „Is your name X?“ The only name I got a Yes answer for was Barbatos!

I had never heard of him (or did it unconsciously enter my mind when I briefly skimmed the Ars Goetia??). Anyway, I spent days asking him questions with my Pendulum and really felt his presence. When I researched about Barbatos - it seemed a real coincidence…I am a Saggittarius and like the Earth Element and walk in the forest everyday with my German Shepherd bitch. I love nature and animals. So my Zodiac sign is the Archer and Barbatos is also a Hunter Archer. Also I was looking for a Magician Mentor and wanted to further my knowledge of Magick.

I asked him if I needed to make a Pact with him, his answer was Yes. Then I started searching for Rituals, read about Evocation and Invocation and searched for a Summoning Ritual. I found Timothy’s answers in the Forum about this.

Whenever Pendulum communicating with Barbatos I felt a warmth in my navel region making me feel good. Also Barbatos seemed held back as if I needed to commit myself with a pact.

Barbatos Summoning Invocation – I decided to create my own little Ritual on the night of the Void / Dark Moon on the 6th of March. First I drew his Sigil on the first page of my Grimoire to be. Then at Midnight I sat in front of my altar with a large 24cm Red Candle on the ground on my left and a 24cm white candle on my right for light actually. On the front middle of the altar I placed a green dinner table candle. Then a stone with iron ore inside (weird rock I found in the forest), a Buzzard feather and water in a green wide goblet. Also a copper Sri Yantra but Barbatos doesn’t seem keen on the Sri Yantra although I read his metal is copper.

I spoke out his Enn; “Eveta Fubin Barbatos” then from V.K. Jehannum : „Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Barbatos“. Also this : „Al ash Tad Al-ash Tal Ashtu“ although I don’t know what it means. I asked Barbatos to take possession of me.

Then I traced the Sigil with a home-made wand of a Dogwood twig from my garden. Then stared at the green candle then back at the Sigil. The flame of the green candle was thin and had a sort of halo/aura of Purple and Green around it. BUT, behind the candle there was a blackish shape like a little door (not square but door shaped). This unnerved me so I looked down at the Sigil and saw the flame with red/purple/green halo aura over the B for Barbatos. When I moved down the ring to the next letter the flame moved along the Sigil pattern within the rings exactly. I did this THREE times with that flame vision moving on the paper Sigil drawing!! Then it sat on the right end of the main Cross. So I asked Barbatos „Are you here?“

The Red candle on the left went crazy, flickering and making zisschen noises. The white candle was moving thick and thin and then started to circle in an anti-clockwise direction. What does that mean?? I surfed today about Candle Magic but didn’t find anything on candle flames turning anti-clockwise. The Green candle was still.

Then I asked with the Pendulum if I should stop now? The answer was yes, so I said Thank You and blew the candles out. It was about 2 am by then but it all felt so timeless.
So did I carry out the ritual properly?


Counter clockwise or “widdershins”, as some call it, is the direction you sweep in when you are cleansing with a broom so a candleflame spinning in that direction is something I would take as " Done. Time to say Goodbye", for sure.

Excellent job. Thank you for sharing this experience.

THANKS so much for your reply…this has been bothering me as I found nothing on candles circling in this direction…I kind of took it to mean something demonic —