Daemon Child

Okay, so since I may or may not be having one, I need to know a few things about a daemon child.

Just a couple questions:

  • How long will the daemon child take? I’ve heard a week from one and several from another, so does it kinda differ for everyone?
  • How much energy does it need?
  • Would I have to lend it energy?
  • If so, would the father have to as well?
  • Would the daemon child affect the way I say/do things? Just curious on that one. Some say it would, so I just wanna be sure.

Sorry, if those too many questions and/or if they were ridiculous. I’m completely new to the whole daemon child thing, haha. Also, sometimes I get too curious about things. (Maybe not a bad thing to be too curious though?)

Anyway, thanks to whoever replies. I’d be grateful for even a tiny bit of information. :slight_smile:


Let me know how this goes as I’m interested myself. Seeing as I don’t have or desire human children this might be my style


Well, if I do have a daemon child, they don’t like anyone who seems keen to pureness aka complete white magick…

There’s this website where you can chat with expert psychics and all that jazz. One name I can’t fully say, but there name given a big hint they’re into all that white magick. I felt my stomach give me cramps, headaches, and I felt anger. Like good grief! :frowning:


You’re birthing a demonic demigod aren’t you? Lol


Me and Lady Eva might be able to help.

Pm me ill walk you through a few things its a big step you should really think about.


Probably so. I’m little unsure but I’m guessing it was Apollo. :rofl:

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Keep us updated :slight_smile:


Alrighty, I will for sure. :smile:


Well, Apollo is definitely the father. He’s associated with the sun and I am associated with the moon by some. I’m interested on how the kid will turn out. :smile:


Well to give an update on the child, all that has happened was just feeling tired a lot and random sharp pains, lol. Nothing too interesting except sometimes it does kinda affect how I say or do things.

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That’s very cool. :thinking:

I think it’s going to be very different for everyone, because not only are humans very different but so are the fathers of these.

I’m busy right now so won’t ramble on, but I previously “blogged” my full experience with this in the threads below:





Okie dokie, and thanks :smile:

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Update on things so far:

So far the child seems to be getting a bit anxious. Well, I’m pretty sure. I can sense extra anxiety that differs from mine :laughing:

Also, still extra sleepy and some pains here and there. Sometimes it feels like someone is slightly stabbing me on the sides of my stomach, but I can handle it. :sweat_smile:


I would like to know.How does one have a demon child?

Another update:

Well, I was sooo drained for a while. I wasn’t thinking so I didn’t know why. I started using my brain and realized it was the kid feeding off of me like three times as much as usual.

I started panic and finding a good energy source for me to feed off of. (Energy source I happened to have was a plasma globe >:})

I then got an image of something smiling with kinda a smug face. Let’s me know that the kid was finally satisfied I supposed, lol. :laughing:


Update on how things are:
Now the kid’s making me almost lose my sanity. I feel so tired and angry like I wanna smack someone with a metal baseball bat.

I’m just so overly anxious :tired_face:

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You’ve are a strong fierce magician mamma and you’ve got this! Any idea how long the pregnancy is going to last?

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Well, I was told up until like… uh, any time now :sweat_smile:

Aww, we should have thrown you a baby shower. Wee little spirit oneies and booties!


:laughing: Yeah, totally should’ve.

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