Da fuck did I just dream?

So, at the risk of getting flagged, watching Al Bundy in Married with Children on Hulu has given me the idea of a sitcom, but similar in feel and humor, but focused on the two teenage offspring. One is a daughter who’s known for being attractive but not for being smart. The other is a son who’s known for being smart but not attractive. Again, this is based off and inspired by married with children. And the premise of the show is the two helping to bring these aspects out of each other. The show would also talk about dating on both the male and female sides, such as the idea that women feel too sexualized, but men compare themselves to each other because of the opposite feeling.

But because this was inspired by the bundy family, I had this weird ass dream where the show starts with a sitcom actress (like Christina applegate who played Kelly) dying on set. WTAF? Then after some odd years, she reincarnates into the daughter character who’s obsessed with similar sitcoms and actresses. That is such a creepy way to start a light sitcom. An actress dying on set and reincarnating? Then her newest incarnation is subconsciously drawn to her former life? Sick and creepy? But it would be different in a supernatural drama.

I’m still kinda disturbed. Any thoughts?

Sounds kinda interesting if you ask me, I wouldn’t call it disturbing, certainly a different concept for a sitcom, not unheard of though. Ever heard of Dead like me? (at least I think that’s what it was called) Similar at the very least with the death and reincarnation concept.

Yeah, that would make for a good premise in something else. But that’s never happened in my dreams before. My dreams are usually about a social life. It’s the fact that something like this happened in my dream that disturbs me.

Maybe you’re just being called to put your ideas into action and being given the premise to start with.

Not sure why you think this would get flagged. It isn’t polly tics. Actually, I think any church or spiritual group that makes it mostly about polly tics should get flagged as pointless.

You obsess too much about a social life. Also, this doesn’t even sound vaguely disturbing. It sounds like a generic run of the mill pointless dream to me.

They made this show… for real. It was a freaking show that some business person approved, spent money on it and had it made.

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