Cutting vampiric ties

Let’s say someone is in the middle of using their tendrils to drain you or attack you. You sense it and are say…busy at your job. What is an effective method of severing the connection or else hurting the would be vampire during the contest? Thanks!


direct energy work allows you to do energy work even when you’re at work and such, you can use your energy to burn said tendrils, or use said tendrils to attack them back because their feeding goes both ways and can be used against them.


If the tendrils are detected then it is all about directing your intentions back at them however you see fit.


Idk if it’s possible but, maybe, you can send an electric shock through their tendril. Or, self taint the exiting energy their draining into massive diarrhea/puking fit.


You can pull on their energy and if you can get some out, then visualize grey/black death energy in front of you ( outside of yourself ), and send it to them through the tendrils. Then, cut the tendrils, using an astral knife, scissers, etc.
Then best to clean your aura with a white gold light to get rid of any negative energy residue.
Energy Ripping . this might explain it


I’ve recently had some experience with a vampyre…long story…but after awhile I found myself in a very similar situation that you’ve described.

Once I realized he had created an energy cord I traced it and found it deep in my solar plexus then I dampened its effect by imagining a fog over it.

For personal reasons I’ve chosen not to sever the cord but you could easily use this same technique and choose to sever it once you’ve found it by imagining cutting the cord with scissors.

Then work with healing and cleansing your aura/affected chakra center

Since I knew who the vampyre was I just concentrated on him during a meditation with the intent of finding the cord between us and could see it and feel it from there.

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I don’t know about the diarrhea & vomiting different vampyres may react differently to bad energy but yes it is possible to use the cord/tendril in the opposite direction against them