Cutting out toxicity. The line between friend & foe (Rant/vent)

Hello everyone, & thank you for taking the time to open my thread!!

I’ve been going through a lot lately.

I’ve been forced out of the place I use to live, & relocated to another state (I live in the United States) earlier than I wished.

During the process of gathering whatever belongings I could fit into my truck that night, I gave a courtesy message to a group of people I loosely called friends, about what was happening, & that I had to leave so that way there was no confusion as to where I was or why my family, & I were no longer home.

(Long story short they used to be just like family to me, but had crossed some SERIOUS lines last year, that I never truly forgave them for, but did try & move past)

Then one of the guys in the group chat, had implied HEAVILY that my mother was neglectful of my youngest brother because Everytime he went over to hang out with his little brother, my little brother was hungry.

But we were raised in a Jewish household, to us, eating at someone’s house is a sign of respect, & said guy has known this for as long as he knew me, & was always over my house a few years back, & always seen that we had food stocked in the fridge, freezer, & pantry.

I blocked him shortly after, & yesterday asked a friend of ours that’s in our SMS group chat to make a new one without me, because it was A.) Evident I wasn’t wanted in the chat (which is fine with me I’m not complaining I’m just pointing it out), & B.) I didn’t really want to be apart of it anymore, especially after that. Knowing them, a good portion of the group was most likely bad mouthing me behind my back, & ever since my spiritual awakening, & finding myself practicing Magick, & connecting with spirits (both demons & angels, God’s, & Goddesses alike) I have become a MUCH happier person, & don’t have room for drama in my life.

Earlier tonight I seen in the group chat that I was being mocked like we were all still in highschool, & it was just an overwhelming feeling of toxicity.

I was disgusted.

We are all in our 20’s, & this is the childish response I get for wanting to distance myself from the baggage??

I blocked the numbers, & profiles on social medias of the people that were toxic.

The point of this is, I’m a much happier person without them, & it took so long for me to realize that even though I called them my friends, & I have some of the best memories of friendship with them…In the long run they were bad for me. Their egos mutated into something so unrecognizable to the guys I knew, & truly cared for back in the day.

If you’ve got people in your life that are doing the same thing, don’t hesitate to get rid of them. It can be really hard to do, & you may try & keep hope that things will get better with them, but if they’re truly bringing you down, you deserve better. Sometimes the face the greets you with kindness in one hand has a knife in the other.

If you’ve made it too the end of this, then thank you for reading this!!


Firstly thank you for sharing…

secondly it takes a lot to let go and move forward, to understand you can take those steps, release ego (if you want to) and to understand we can’t control how others behave only how we react to them.

IMO they continue their behaviour for a reaction from you the more you move forward the harder they try…trust me they will get board.

Remember to cleanse yourself and space to remove any residual energy left over from this drama…you don’t want to be taking that with you :blush:


Good for you man. Sometimes you have to break off from the bullshit and go your own way. Life has a funny way of revealing who your friends are when things hit the fan. May you find your way to success and a far better crowd with the new move.


Thanks for sharing the Rant. You are the proof that magick is at work in your life. Your able to take control of a situation and remove that which doesn’t serve you and you didn’t even pull out magick as a way to take some sort of revenge as so many others would have.

Your a good guy and a wise one it seems.


Couldn’t agree more, and congrats on your strength to cut these phonies loose. That’s the only thing you can do, there’s no point in trying to see their “good side” when they are hurting you and betraying your trust like that.

A seldom talked-about aspect of baneful magic is turning your back on people who have wronged you instead of cursing them, and to completely stop talking about them, or even thinking about them (that includes stalking their profiles on facebook etc). Completely stop acknowledging their existence as if they were dead strangers (without wishing death or anything bad upon them) - and you’ll starve them of the only thing they crave, which is your surrendering your own power to them by letting their negativity get to you. It’s not easy, but once all ties have been cut, you can literally watch yourself come into your power while they lose their status - because they simply stop existing to you. They don’t matter and they never have. Good riddance!


Thank you for reading!!

It really does!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!! It’s a true shame, because I would’ve given my life for them at one point in time. Their egos mutated after highschool, & completely nullified the fellas I cared for back in the day. But you’re absolutely right, I didn’t even address it directly, I asked the same friend that I went to, too get me out of the group chat if he was really reacting childishly to my request or if he himself was asking to be removed as well, & it was as I suspected, so I cut that person off completely as well, not even addressing his mockings!!

They might be for sure, or whatever they used to feel about me has completely soured, for one reason or another.

If I’m going to be completely honest, I began distancing myself back when I started getting more serious about Magick. It was Right after my first spell back in August/September where I started to distance myself. I started seeing their toxicity for what it was. I started noticing how condescending they were, & arrogant they were.

I’m very thankful my ego crashed a long time ago. I was very full of myself. Being 1/3 bassists in my school, & being very well known for it, & having friends in every click …I couldn’t leave my house for a walk without several people calling my name :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I let it go to my head. Then when I became an EMT & saved my first life via CPR… That went up to my head too… coming out of years of on again off again homelessness too having what felt like everything & more got to me.

But I’m very grateful for what I have, & who I have now!!

But I will surely be cleaning my energy of it all!! Thank you again!! :grin::grin:


Thank you so much!!

It really does!! I’m very happy that it showed me their true colors!!

Thank you so much!! I’m very happy to be back in PA!! I love this state so much!! The amount of people here that are excited to have me back, & get to see me again is so amazing!! I feel so loved, & wanted here!!

The spirits are guiding me to something much bigger, & better than I’m able to fathom, according to what I’ve been getting from them, ever since this whole moving debacle started…It’s what I’ve been holding onto, & taking every day, & every little miracle one step at a time, & thanking them for each step/miracle as it comes!!


who you think are friends somehow are really foes. It’s good that you leave them behind as they don’t deserve good people in their life. Sometimes the one you think you are closest to are the real enemies. Best of luck on your new journey.


Thank you so much!! At this point I’m not so sure there is a good side left to find to be honest. There’s certain things that shouldn’t be said no matter how strongly you feel about it, because it’s a line in the sand, & for the fella that disrespected my mother, & I to say what he said after looking us in the eye & claiming we’re family?? That’s not okay by any stretch of the imagination!!

I was originally going to place a curse on him, but I was just full of anger, & rage at that point, once I collected my thoughts, & digested what had happened, I did decide to just tell myself that on that night he had died, & just let everything go. I’m not going to place any curse on any of them. It’s not worth it. I’m happier without them in general.

The only thing I hope for now is that when their egos come crashing down, & they go through a personal world shattering crisis, that they do have the people, & they have the strength to pull themselves back together, pick themselves off the ground, & get through it, because I won’t be there to help them through it, & I simply won’t care. If they then see my side of how things were, & are, & they finally understand me a little more… It’ll be to little too late for any reconciliation. Too much damage has been done for any forgiveness or another chance at this point. I’m ultimately better off without them

Good riddance to them!!


Thank you so much!! I couldn’t agree more!!

It’s truly amazing how people can be so deceptive like that!! Handshake in one hand & a knife in the other!!