Cutting of the Cord

Last night husband (@UnseelieDiabolus) and I performed a simple ‘cutting of the cord’ ceremony. Won’t go into what it was for, but it was what happened that was fascinating.

I am a devotee of Set (Seth, Sethan, Sut etc.) and He was pulling me in a very painful, but necessary direction. I knew I needed to do the ritual and as I began it, the sun was shining and the air was warm. The forecast was clear for the rest of the evening and the subsequent days.

However, as I drew the ritual to a close, it began to rain. Heavily.
I heard thunder.
I concluded the ritual and stepped outside to watch the storm as I always do… To find my city having THE most beautiful lightning storms in a VERY long time.

Thunder crashed and rolled for miles, the rain was lashing down, but it was warm and the lightning… Wow.

Pink, purple, white. Nonstop. Danced across the sky for over half an hour (it barely moved) and I stood, holding my red candle and just felt happy.

It’s quite something when a deity blesses your work.

Anyways, not expecting any comments or anything, just wanted to share an incredible experience with you all.



It was definitely quite the experience. Set’s presence was nearly tangible throughout the whole process. :black_heart:

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Relationship goals, lol. Nice work. :grin:


Thank you! It really was incredible to behold :smiley:

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