Cute dream with my dad

Hello, I wanted to tell you a curious dream that I had a few days ago that impressed me quite.

First, it was a nightmare, unpleasant things and then in a moment I was in a supermarket corridor…

My dad who is dead a good time ago (1 year) (that sometimes we speak in dreams or channeling) he approached me to calm down.

He gave me some coins and let me eat some chocolates, we laughed because obviously I couldn’t buy them because it was a dream, lately I can feel flavors in dreams!.

So at one point he pulled out a small (but not that small) pink box… He told me that it was an oracle, that they can help me; I took it into my hands. And he smiled at me and said, “they will help you”.

My dad wants that I buys oracles or make one? I don’t know but this dream was very cute and I feel more calm (because before that I had nightmares).


Maybe he was saying the power of the Oracle is in your hands?

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Yeah :grin:

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Lol I forget this post! I have a oracle deck that is pink and I’m buying others too :black_heart: