Customized Curse Where Curse Auto-Expires After Certain Time

I am not someone who would ever wish bad for anyone. I’m not someone who would curse the person even if he has hurt me badly, I would just make myself distant from the person and stay away.

But this time someone went too far. She humiliated me before a number of people, boasted about her salary and how I am suffering financially these days. These were uncalled for. You don’t call a blind person blind and make fun of him, right?

She holds a government job and too arrogant about it, that’s because it’s very rare that people working with government organizations in my country gets suspended or fired. Does not matter if you work sincerely or not, you will still get your salary, till you retire.

I just want to teach her a lesson - nothing is permanent in this world. Everything comes and goes. Everyone faces hard times and you should not make fun of it before people and laugh on it.

I want her to get suspended (not fired) for some months, like till curse has validity. Or go through extreme financial hardship for some months. This will she will realize how it feels to live without having money.

BUT YES - IMPORTANT POINT - I want this curse to last for certain number of months. Like I want get to teach a lesson, not to make her life bad completely. I want the curse to be auto-withdrawn after some months, let’s say 6-9 months.

So how can I customize this curse? I don’t want to work with demons, but some other rituals/methods to achieve this. Can anyone guide please? Thanks a lot in advance.