Custom tree of life I saw in a vision

A lot of people say that there’s no connection between the sefirot and the chakras, however something inside of me keeps pushing me towards connecting them somehow, when I look the the kabbalistic tree of life I see something that’s missing, and when I compare it to the chakra system I feel like the chakra system is missing something, I feel as though both can complete each other in a way…

I’ve been researching this for years and I’ve confirmed for myself that there is a connection, I’ve studied the origins of Kabbalah and to be honest, most of my true revelations did not come from the books or online, it came from my own personal revelations, logic and history,
The tree of life is our anatomy and so are the chakras, how are they different? Well they are not, you can see many resemblances between them like crown, the solar and lunar centers lining up with the solar plexus and sacral etc. there is are correspondences…

Looking back at the origins of the Jews, relating to the Enlilite kabbalists… “Gods” or Yahwehs aka Enlils chosen people, the were the original accusers of Enki aka the serpent of knowledge gave humans knowledge and enlightenment, they wanted to keep the “Goyim” stupid, even Enlil himself always thought of smart and intelligent human being dangerous, so what better way to trick them by putting judeo Christian Anunnaki enlilite godnames on your spheres but cutting out the heart chakra aka Daath or death, death of the ego the Abyss, and not even acknowledging the existence of the pineal gland in the kabbalistic anatomy…

Something keeps screaming inside of me to find the correct tree of life system, when I look at the modern day one, I see it as a brainwashing machine, even in masonry which has solomonic kabbalistic origins, they know just as well as the Chinese qigong masters that the pineal gland connects to the North Star Polaris aka the all seeing eye, yet it is nowhere to be found in any of the books or teachings, and when you look at the Chinese systems there are 7 energy centers in middle channel and way more…

The point is there is clearly a connection between these teachings, our bodily anatomy is fixed, nobody has their heart in their bum just because their culture interpreted it that way, so I had a vision as I was waking up this morning about this tree of life model, that included the chakras but I was also shown additional energy centers…

The lemurian tree of life is very similar to the Hebrew one because they lived with hebrews at some point, and in their depictions of the tree of life there are energy centers above kether and malkuth, the heart is the rainbow bridge hence the hexagram and connects the lower and upper tree aka the lower and higher chakras, hence called the Daath or Death, the idea of resurrection comes from Daath goes up to the crown and that crown energy descends into the lower channels, completely transforming them and unifying the above and the below at least that’s how Jesus and Hindu mystics interpreted the process, this crystallizes the aura and creates a Decagram, the unification of the above and below, the animal self and the higher self, it is also the goal in taoism

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Even the Kemetic version has chakra associations…

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Seeing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as a model for our energetic system is one thing, but trying to mix aspects of Kabbalah and the Western Mysteries with aspects of Tantra and the Eastern Mysteries is something entirely different. You cannot compare the chakras with the Sephiroth because the Sephiroth are associated with different angels and names of God as well as with different names which translated also mean something completely different. Each chakra has a mantra which has a deeper meaning about this chakra, so a deeper knowledge of Hindu and Tantric mysticism is necessary. The yantras of the chakras are also not portals to the Sephiroth and are not connected to the Sephiroth. The various tantric gods associated with the chakras bear no resemblance to the various angels of the Sephiroth. And if you compare the tunnels of the tree of life with the nadis, these also have completely different meanings.

Chakras and Sephiroth are two different things.


This ^

Do you have any resources that back your theory, because going off of facts and reason, it doesn’t matter how you interpret it, the body has a unique design, many Initiates of masons and Rosicrucians also recognize the connection between the 2 concepts, the spheres are representations of the energy centers in the body, it doesn’t matter what tradition sees it as what, what matters is, how does this fit into reflecting the microcosmic correspondences wjth the macro

I personally resonate with the chakras more even though I’m pulled towards Kabbalah at the same time, I have deep inner knowing that they are connected, and there are traditions such as the kemetic, masonic and Rosicrucians that acknowledge the connection, that’s a tail tail sign that there’s more to this then just “interpretation” if the body is that relative I’d just create my own tree…

Chakras and Yoga are Eastern, and don’t need to fit into something else, and you don’t have to be Jewish or RHP to utilize the Qabalah, even though the highest level is the unwritten Qabalah.

I’m not trying to fit traditions, transitions are still ego and identity, let go of the titles, I’m saying there has to be a connection because these energy centers are representations of how the macro expresses itself in the micro, forget the idea of traditions otherwise you’re not gonna understand the point of this post, i don’t care how the Hebrew or Hindus see it, all I’m saying is how does the above reflect the below accurately because even among Hebrew’s and Hindus they have different individual interpretations

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You can create whatever you wish, but I think you’d be better off folding the existing tree and incorporating all chakras in a middle pillar.

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That’s essentially what I’m trying to do, but I use planetary names to vibrate the names of spheres, but it’s a little hard doing that with so many different interpretations, some say Saturn is the root chakra which I get because it has a red aura but then mars is red as it’s own color but then in Kabbalah they have nothing to do with the earth so it get super frustrating, drives a wizard mad

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Ok to illustrate what I mean - tell me any chakra and tell me which Sephirah you think it is related to. Then maybe I can explain to you better what the difference between the chakra and the Sephirah is.


The sacral chakra is associated with the moon and it is the same center with yesod and Gabriel

The solar plexus is the solar center right above the sacral, which is tiphereth, there’s no third eye which ethically speaking is a major metaphysical energy center and the crown is obviously kether, heart chakra is missing, throat chakra can’t even tell whether it’s daath or not I personally think it’s the heart, there’s no root chakra only Malkuth which isn’t the same but still can be connected

The point is, it doesn’t matter what tradition it is, I’m trying to figure what it is an accurate representation of the macrocosmic centers within the microcosmic anatomy of man, so there has to be correlation otherwise it would incorrect, anatomy can’t be relative unless you’re not human, thinking from the mindset of doctrines and traditions will keep you in that way of thinking

The sacral chakra is known in the tantric tradition as the Svadhisthana Chakra. Svadhisthana means something like own abode, while Yesod means something like foundation. The yantra of Svadhisthana contains the crescent moon and the mantra is Vam. The tattva (not to be confused with element, a tattva is not an element) is water tattva. The mystical animal of this chakra is Makara and I doubt that there is such a thing as Makara in Yesod. The god of this chakra is Hari and the goddess is Rakini Devi, so far and wide no Raphael. Meditating on this chakra destroys the inner negative properties and I have never heard that meditation on Yesod should do the same.

On the surface you can find the crescent moon here and therefore associate it with the moon of Yesod. Then one sees the water tattva and confuses it with the water element. But when looking at the names of the mystical beast, the god and the goddess of this chakra, one realizes that there is nothing comparable here in Yesod.

Hari means the one who calls the hearts of all to himself.

The solar plexus chakra corresponds to the Manipura chakra. Manipura means city of jewels while Tiphereth means glory. Manipura is associated with the fire Tattva and the gods are Agni, Rudra and Lakini. Meditating on the Manipura Chakra gives the ability to create and destroy the world and gives the blessing of Vajni, i.e. nothing that is associated with Tiphereth.

The number of Svadhisthana is 6 while the number of Manipura is 10. Yesod’s number is 9 and Tiphereth’s number is 6 so there are no connections here either.


Hold on bro I’m a Mason and we were never instructed to find parallels between the chakras and the Tree of Life. Two different systems with different correspondences. Perhaps the so called “Rosicrucian” orders such as AMORC teach this but it’s nothing I’ve ever encountered in Free and Accepted Masonry. This could be a “belief” some Masons have but it is not a part of masonic teachings I want that to be clear.



Of course they are. The OP is suggesting - in the spirit of inquiry - that if we open our minds there might be something to think critically about here.

That - I think - is the point of the post…


Good point, there probably are some similarities between the systems that could be explored and worked with. I just didn’t want others to mistakenly believe that this idea was a masonic teaching because it’s not. That’s all.


You would have to fold them into one singular middle pillar. Once accomplishing that, they’d have to map out.
If chakras can correspond to planetary names then I don’t see why not, but it won’t be the same structure.
There is already a drawing of a man that encloses all Sephora within.
Then we have the issue of the four planes with have nothing to do with planets.

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I’d forget the Hebrew tree of life and focus on the Lemurian, unless the Lemurian is like the kemetic, I’m really not sure what you’re trying to do.

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When I said that I meant most masons, I’ve seen people leave the craft and write their own books and find a connection, I’m not talking about traditions here I’m simply talking about the accurate anatomy of the body of god, anyone that has reason would sense the correlation between the 2 because they are interpreting the body of god

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You’re still not getting the point of this post, The question is… the tradition doesn’t mean anything to this post right now.

What I’m trying to make clear here is, these systems are focused on interpreting the body of god the macro within the micro, so which system accurately describes the bodily correspondences in the universe… the tradition means absolutely nothing if the correspondence don’t line up with the macro… at least to me that is. That’s the whole point of this post, it is to find the correct correspondences for the energy centers that directly reflect the macrocosm, and since chakras and sefira and different yet some are in similar parts of the body on a planetary level, there must be a connection and there has to be because it’s your body, there has to be objective thinking here rather then relative thinking

I am trying to find the correct correspondences for the energy centers in the body, I am trying to align the divine bodies with the human body accurately, but when there are traditions that like up the planets differently that becomes very difficult