Custom Incontinence Curse

I’m writing this to keep track of a curse I’m working on that will induce Bladder Incontinence in the Victim I’m still experimenting with the curse and customizing it. If anyone has any notes or anything i should try to add to the curse feel free to add.
The 1st spell i used Coffee,Two Synthetic Crystals i made and Bound with Spirits from Flowers, Sigil of Marbas and Name of Target Written on a small piece of paper, Dandelion which is a strong Direct & also some Mint and a couple drops of Liquor and put them in a jar together that i will be keeping at my Alter and Blessing the Jar/Baptizing it like you would with a Doll and Binding the jar to Marbas to cause a Incontinence Curse in my Selected Target and will be Chanting my Intent when i Baptize the Jar. Will Post a Update if i find out it works on the Target, I’m doing this curse more of fun to Humiliate the Target and Cause distress in there life to the point they won’t be able to trust there own Bladder. Also they kinda deserve it for the way they treat people with disabilities i worked with the target and there not nice to anyone who is Disabled so it’s also a bit to teach them a lesson too.


Good for you regarding teaching the bully a lesson. I hate seeing people with physical or mental challenges get bullied by those who are meant to know better.